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The House version of the K-12 budget HB2898 is being blocked by Sen. Paul Boyer. The bill includes:

  • A total ban on teaching critical race theory in public schools.

  • A total ban on masks and vaccine mandates for K-12 in-person learning. 

  • Requires that the State Board of Education develop new civic standards for K-12 on the original intent of the Founding Documents and the evils of communism by giving first-hand accounts of people that escaped communism and now live in the United States

Sen. Paul Boyer tweeted he is opposed to new standards to teach civic education on the evils of communism and in support of the original intent of the Constitution.


Additionally, there are two important related bills pending the AZ Senate and we need your

RTS response 👍:

HB2906 - Bans the use of public monies for training, orientation, or therapy related to Critical Race Theory at all levels of government

HB2905 - Bans the mass mailing of ballots to voters that didn't request one to protect the integrity of their vote and curb illegal ballot harvesting by bad actors. 


Go to for an email/phone template to contact Sen. Paul Boyer and respond to the Arizona Legislature on the RTS 👎👍 system. 

The Arizona Budget vs Election Integrity vs Sine Die

In order for the budget stipulations to go into effect, the Legislature must Sine Die. Sine Die puts the election audit at risk and prevents the ability for new legislation unless a special session is called. 


If you want the additional election integrity bills related to the audit findings to be heard THIS YEAR, then the Governor or the AZ Senate must call a special session NOW before the Sine Die session end.


Go to for an email/phone template and the contacts for Gov. Ducey and the AZ Senate to call for a special session now. 

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Comment by Roy Hagemyer on June 30, 2021 at 4:46pm

Paul Boyer must be removed in the next election, we cannot afford to have people like this in the Republican party!  This is sad....


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