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BOSTON (TheBlaze/AP) — A Harvard University professor has unveiled a fourth century fragment of papyrus that she says is the only existing ancient text that quotes Jesus explicitly referring to having a wife.

Karen King, an expert in the history of Christianity, says the text contains a dialogue in which Jesus refers to ‘‘my wife,’’ whom he identified as Mary. King says the fragment of Coptic script is a copy of a gospel, probably written in Greek in the second century.

King unveiled the fragment of the ‘‘Gospel of Jesus’s Wife’’ in Rome on Tuesday. She says it doesn’t prove Jesus was married but speaks to issues of family and marriage that faced Christians.

King says on a Harvard website that the dialogue includes the disciples discussing whether Mary is worthy and Jesus saying ‘‘she can be my disciple.’’

“This fragment suggests that some early Christians had a tradition that Jesus was married,” King told The New York Times. “There was, we already know, a controversy in the second century over whether Jesus was married, caught up with a debate about whether Christians should marry and have sex.”

King claims she received an email in 2010 from a private collector who requested she translate the ancient text. King, 58, has reportedly written books on the Gospel of Judas, the Gospel of Mary of Magdala, Gnosticism and women in antiquity.

The man who actually made the discovery asked not be identified because, “He doesn’t want to be hounded by people who want to buy this,” King said.

Though many questions still remain, the discovery could again bring up theories that Mary Magdalene was Jesus’s wife and whether he had a female disciple.


As a result of this blasphemous report, Christian radicals all over the world are storming foreign embassies and killing foreign diplomats over this outrage against their religion.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! ENOUGH IS RIGHT! The only reason you are reading this is because an instance of Christians becoming violent over such things would be highly unusual, since it is radical Islamofascists that are known for this type violence. And while our Western media, academics and politicians tip toe around anything relating to Muslims, Christians are continually thrown under the bus (I mean that metaphorically although the I.F. do much worse) by mainstream American society. That is because Christians are mostly peaceful as a group and turn the other cheek. They make an easy target for cowards looking for scapegoats.

            So see here, in just a few recent examples, what is really happening with Christians around the world:


Obama Administration scrubs persecution of Christians from human rights report


Radical Leftists Destroy the Presbyterian Church


Burma: New Report Exposes Religious Persecution of Ethnic Chin Christians


Nigerian Church Tries to Move On After Massacre


Muslim Attacks Drastically Reducing Iraq's Christian Population


Russian Government Demolishes Pentecostal Church


China: Christian Summer Camp Shut Down


Lawsuit Against Prayer At Public Meetings


Five Churches in Kenya Damaged in Retaliatory Attacks


Hostility Towards Christians Rising In The United States


India: Hindu Extremists Severely Beat Christians With Flashlights


Muslims Killing Christians Door-to-Door - Media Silent


Catholic Pro-Life School Bus Firebombed - Media Silent

Police Chaplains Told to Stop Mentioning Jesus

Egypt: Women Sexually Assaulted at March Against Sexual Harassment


Chinese Believers Threatened with Labor Camp for Refusal to Join Government Church


Police: Family Research Council Shooter was LGBT Volunteer


Study Reveals U.S. Hostility to Religious Liberty


Boko Harem Butchers Christians In Church During Worship Service


Nigeria: Suspected Members of Boko Haram Kill Evangelist


Saudi Arabia Deports 35 Ethiopian Christians for Practicing Their Faith At Home


Attacks on Christians and Jews Rising In "Arab Spring " Countries


Egypt: Pogrom Against Christians Continues


Syria: Christians Increasingly Being Targeted, Driven From Homes


100 More Christians Slaughtered....Who Cares?


Grossmont College Continues Discriminatory Speech Policy



Next Massacre: Church Congregations


Have a Bible Study and Worship in Your Home? You Could Go to Jail


Egypt's Coptic Women Abducted in the Name of Islam


American Christians Forced To To Be Indoctrinated into Homosexuality


Indian Christians Forced Into Hindu Worship, Driven From Homes


School Wins Case Against Counseling Student Expelled for Pro Heterosexuality Views


Gaza Christians Protest Forced Conversions to Islam



India: Hindu Extremists Demolish Christian Houses, Church


Bleak Future For Egypt's Christians



Nigerian Attackers Kill Dozens of Christians


Professor Fired From Atlanta Seminary.....Over Christian Beliefs??!!


Catholic Vermont Innkeepers Who Refused Lesbian Wedding Reception Settle with ACLU



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