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Can Diane Douglas fire top staffers from the State Board of Ed? Yes she can!

Jennifer Reynolds 2-12-15 Arizonans Against Common Core

Common Core Fighters,

This is an article from our Common Core Fighter and teacher, Brad McQueen, who wrote "Cult of Common Core" and he believes Superintendent Douglas does have this authority and I have to agree!

"There are some, like former Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Horne who do not think Diane Douglas has the authority to fire a Board of Education staffer. Let's not forget that it was Tom Horne, along with former Governor Brewer and her hand picked Board of Education, that imposed the Common Core machine on our state's children back in 2010 circumventing the AZ legislature with no input from Arizonans. Perhaps he's still protecting his Common Core baby and its caretakers on the Board."

"Diane Douglas has a surprising ally in former Superintendent John Huppenthal, whom she defeated on her way to winning office, who says that he believes Douglas does have the authority to fire Board of Education staff as he reads the Arizona Constitution and state statutes to say the the superintendent of public instruction staffs the board." (

"My reading of the statutes say she does indeed have the authority to fire the Executive Director and Deputy Director to the State Board of Education. Neither of these positions is part of the constitutionally prescribe 'Board of Education,' rather they are Department of Education staff that serve the board and their positions are approved by the board after the State Superintendent of Public Instruction recommends them."

According to ARS 15-203, "Powers and duties of the State Board of Education," the Board shall ( 

  • "employ staff on the recommendation of the superintendent of Public Instruction."

"Additionally, both the Board of Education Executive Director and Deputy Director report to Superintendent Diane Douglas as they are employees of the Department of Education listed on the Department's own organization structure map."

According to ARS 15-251, "Powers and duties Superintendent of Public Instruction," the superintendent shall ( 

  • "Direct the work of all employees of the department of education."
  • "Direct the performance of the executive, administrative or ministerial functions by the department of education or divisions or employees thereof."

"Diane Douglas is the only member of the Board of Education who is elected by and directly accountable to Arizona's voters. ALL of the other members are political appointees chosen by the governor. Diane Douglas not only has the authority by statue to fire Christine Thompson and Sabrina Vasquez, she has the obligation to do as they have committed educational malpractice in their part in the adoption and implementation of our disastrous new statewide Common Core test AzMERIT."

"The State Board of Education committed educational malpractice when it inflicted the Common Core standards by adopting them into our state in 2010 and continues with the botched adoption and implementation of the Common Core test AzMERIT. Thankfully Diane Douglas is standing her ground and looking out for our schools and our children."

Send a message to Diane Douglas today and thank her for standing for our schools and our children:

-Jennifer Reynolds

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