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Camelback High School Invites ‘Social Justice Warrior’ Who Traumatized Children to Speak During Trump Inauguration

Posted January 17, 2017 19:07 by 

Arizona Informer has learned that Camelback High School has invited anti-American ‘social justice warrior’ Calvin Terrell to speak to students as an ‘alternative to watching the Trump inauguration’.

The letter Arizona Informer received (entire letter below) originated from Camelback High School which includes options such as a ‘Yoga Class’ (not kidding) and the following statement that sounds as if teachers are being instructed to send 10 people from each class to this indoctrination session:

“Mini-assembly featuring Calvin Terrell-speaker, educator, and community builder. Mr Terrell is an amazing presenter with a message that many of our students may find encouraging and uplifting. We are asking that you sign 10 students per advisory who may benefit from this assembly and have them go straight to the auditorium that day.  Be sure to sign the travel section in their agendas.

Again, we may be inferring a bit here, but it does sound like 10 kids will be assigned to attend the assembly and not just offered a chance to go there if they so choose.  Read it for yourselves:


Terrell runs the Social Centric Institute in Phoenix, AZ where he spreads his Anti-American propaganda to schools and universities around the nation and it looks like he makes a healthy living in doing so.  His most famous work was when he traumatized school children by for....  Amherst parents were rightfully outraged and the school board gave one of the typically Progressive non-apology apologies.

Calvin Terrell’s main purpose is not just to give a different perspective on life, but to recruit, brainwash, and radicalize young minds into the Social Justice and become activists to recruit other students into the benign sounding ‘Cardinal Revolution’ (twitter account) which is a more polite face of Marxism and Anti-Americanism.  However, there may be another more cynical angle to Calvin’s work.  We are considering the idea that he may have launched a new cottage industry that recruits school aged children into his ‘Social Justice’ movement then uses them (free labor) to raise money for his lavish speaking fees which have been reported as anywhere between $9,000-$35,000 per event/project.

A ‘press release‘ from Sun Prairie Area School District in Wisconsin gives some support to this con-man theory:

“Monday, September 21st, 6-8 pm, Performing Arts Center
Calvin Terrell presentation to the community.
The Sun Prairie High School MSAN Organization (Minority Students Achieving More) raised $9,000 to bring this national speaker to Sun Prairie. Calvin Terrell rallies communities around issues, such as bullying prevention and diversity.   This is a free event to be held at the High School.  We’ve heard he is inspiring and his perspective is life-changing!  Join us!” (Emphasis added)

$9,000 isn’t bad for a no-name to swing by and parrot racially charged and divisive anti-American talking points.

Here are a few examples of Marxist Calvin Terrell’s other work:

  • Recording of Calvin Terrell calling America a genocidal nation that Terrell did NOT want out (camera grabbed out of the hands towards the end). He starts every speech by calling America a genocidal nation:

  • Calvin Terrell’s unapologetic statement calling America the equivalent NAZI Germany:

“What if the Nazis won?  What if NO foreign forces stormed the shores of Europe to liberate Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, people with disabilities, Unionists, Serbs, Gays, Lesbians, etc. from oppressive enslavement and genocidal tactics by Nazis?  What if 400plus years after 1939, the beginning of Blitzkrieg, the inhabitants of Nazi conquered lands would celebrate an annual “Seder” as a commemoration of when Nazis and Jews encountered one another to have their first Seder?  No foreign forces ever showed up to stop an American Blitzkrieg called Manifest Destiny.  No foreign forces liberated Indigenous people, from lands now called the Americas and Africa, from bondage or genocide.  The conquering forces that invaded these lands did indeed win and wrote “His-story” as a history to rationalize brutality…”

  • A few shots of his Instagram page (which was set to ‘public’ at the time of this post) he ignores the violence of the Black Lives Matter movement, mocks law abiding protesters and praises the violent, racist, Marxist orgs Black Panthers, Brown Berets, Young Lords as well as Maoist revolutionary Fred Hampton: 193w" sizes="(max-width: 356px) 100vw, 356px" /> 194w" sizes="(max-width: 356px) 100vw, 356px" /> 194w" sizes="(max-width: 356px) 100vw, 356px" />

These are just a few examples of the nonsense he spreads throughout American school systems.

The news of his visit have many Phoenix parents wondering why they have been cut out of the decision making process and have begun contacting one another to see if they’ve received any input about this controversial figure’s appearance.

Arizona Informer has contacted Camelback High School’s Dean of Students Sara Matthews for more details and as of 7:00pm she has not responded.

We will follow up with any developments…

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