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(Bogus) Poll: Latinos in U.S. legally say they will be targeted

According to this article University professors at ASU and NAU worked hand in hand with La Raza to produce this obviously bogus piece of Leftist propoganda

by Alia Beard Rau - May. 6, 2010 03:12 PM
The Arizona Republic

A new poll commissioned by the National Council of La Raza indicated that Latino voters strongly oppose Arizona's new illegal immigration law, worried that those in the country legally will be stopped and believed police will target Latinos for questioning.
Respondents had mixed feelings about whether the new law would deter them from reporting crimes or if people should boycott Arizona.
La Raza, a Washington, D.C.-based Hispanic civil-rights and advocacy group, has been a vocal opponent of Senate Bill 1070. A news release from La Raza and polling group Latino Decisions states that the intent of the poll was to understand Latino views towards the new law, which was signed into law April 23 and goes into effect July 29.
The law makes it a state crime to be in the country illegally and requires local police to enforce federal immigration laws. It will require anyone whom police suspect of being in the country illegally to produce an alien registration document, such as a green card, or other proof of citizenship, such as a passport or Arizona driver's license.
Faculty at Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University were involved in conducting the poll, according to the release.
The poll involved questioning Latino registered voters in Arizona between April 30 and May 5. It has a margin of error of 4.9 percentage points. The release did not indicate the poll's methodology.
• Respondents were asked which two issues they thought President Obama and Congress should address over the next year. Immigration got 59 percent of the support, the economy got 22 percent and health care got 17 percent.
• When asked if they supported or opposed SB 1070, 70 percent indicated they strongly opposed it, 11 percent somewhat opposed, 4 percent somewhat supported it and 12 percent strongly supported it. Support of the law increased with each generation the respondent's family had been in the United States.
• When asked if "people should boycott Arizona-based companies or stop doing business with the state to send a message," 55 percent indicated agreement and 41 percent indicated disagreement.
• When asked how likely it is that Latinos who are legal immigrants or U.S. citizens will get stopped or questioned by police, 85 percent indicated it was likely and 14 percent indicated it was not likely.
• When asked if police would primarily choose people because they are Latino when deciding to stop and question, 72 percent indicated that they agreed and 27 percent indicated they disagreed.
• When asked if they agreed that "if most of the immigrants in Arizona were White Europeans, this law would not have been passed," 76 percent indicated they agreed and 21 percent disagreed.
• When asked if they would be less likely to report a crime or volunteer information to the police in the future, 47 percent indicated agreement and 50 percent disagreed.
Several other polls conducted by different outlets suggested a majority of voters support the new law.

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Comment by Barbara DeCarmine on May 6, 2010 at 6:04pm
If they would just go home we would not need stupid biased polling. And we would have plenty of money for the childrens education, But hey, that's just my opinion.


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