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BFFs--Arizona Education Association and Planned Parenthood

Arizona taxpayers and families, the fight to keep Planned Parenthood out of our schools is just one small battle in the war to take back our schools and country.


The love affair between the Tempe Union High School District and Planned Parenthood is a symptom of the disease.  The Arizona Education Association, the teachers union, has paired up with Planned Parenthood to potentially change the culture in our schools and state forever.


Want to run for office and don't believe in God?  Planned Parenthood and AEA have the answer and here's where you can sign up:  Obviously, the secular culture in schools, on school boards, and in local politics isn't by chance, but by design. 


I'm glad to know the Arizona Education Association and Planned Parenthood partnership has proven successful: 


After all, if I were a teacher barely making ends meet (this is what the public hears), I would want my hard-earned dollars to go to the AEA so they in turn can partner with Planned Parenthood for these fantastic programs.  It's for the children after all (not to line the pockets of union leaders or Planned Parenthood administrators.) 


These articles may indicate why the TUHSD board and sex ed committee tune out the taxpayers when Planned Parenthood is mentioned during public comment.  The board is even trying to control the content of public comment by threatening a civil lawsuit against individuals whose dialogue doesn't conform with what the board deems as "just." 


Is the pressure to continue with this game coming from the AEA and/or Planned Parenthood?  Which board member will come forward and offer the taxpayers an answer as to what is really going on with Planned Parenthood and TUHSD?


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