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Beware of Purple For Parents - They Are Not What You Think They Are

2-1-19 Education Action Network

At first i thought Purple for Parents was a good idea; a push back against RED FOR ED. I have come to learn that it is merely another wing of RED FOR ED disguised as opposition. The founder of Purple for Parents in AZ, Forest John Moriarty, wants to turn AZ schools into prison camps. He stated that having armed guards in every school is one of the main goals of Purple For Parents.


Forest John Moriarty:

this is one of the main goals of our group. You don’t like it, I get it. It is what it is. You don’t have to agree with everything we are doing.”

Samuel Adams:


No, i get that we don't have to agree with everything but this is the deal breaker. Turning schools into prisons is very harmful to children and society. If you treat children like criminals they will grow up to be criminals. This is creating a society where everyone is considered a criminal. I am taking your sticker off my car and throwing away your T shirts. Your goal, in this respect, is a Leftist idea; to create a police state where everyone is under surveillance all the time by the government and their agents. This is incredibly wrong headed. It is a totalitarian idea. The most violent environment is a prison environment.”

Moriarty's thinking is that we need to protect the students from the teachers by hiring individuals highly trained in policing students, Resource Officers, who belong to the same unions as the teachers:

Forest John Moriarty:


We need armed, trained people. I don’t trust about 70% of the teaching staff.”

The “trained people” he is referring specifically to are “Resource Officers” which are essentially prison guards that will mostly side with RED FOR ED, and will potentially be their paramilitary force since there is no competing interest and also belong to government employee unions.

Putting police officers in schools is such overkill. The better idea is to promote personal responsibility, discipline, and reasonable respect for authority. Then, allow teachers who already own firearms, and are trained in the use thereof, to carry concealed. It is not necessary that all teachers be armed. It is only necessary that everyone knows that some teachers might be armed. This is a far better solution because you cannot put a Resource Officer in every classroom and therefor you cannot prevent violence all the time. All a would be assassin need do is wait until the “RO” is in a different location before initiating an attack.

If teachers are armed, and no one knows which ones are armed, for certain, violence is far less likely. If there is violence in the classroom, I trust that the teachers will be likely to try to defend themselves; especially if they have the tools at arm's reach to do so. And, as we have seen in many schools shootings, teachers will take the initiative to protect students. But without having the necessary tools on hand, and a reasonable means of being successful; i.e. having a weapon on their person, attempts at self defense, and defense of the students, will likely be mostly futile.

An armed society is a free and polite society. And, what I mean by that, is the individuals in the society are armed and not just the police

When the only ones who have guns are government agents, what you have is a police state: NAZI Germany, Stalinist Russia, Cold War East Germany 1949-1990, 1984, Brave New World and so on.

Moriarty's solution:


 “The Governor and Republicans are going to be pushing for armed officers on campuses to protect them from mass shooters or extreme violence. You don't support that? Fine. about 90% of this group does. So. /shrug.”

As if to say that this is the only possible solution to the problem of violence in schools.

When you treat children like prisoners, you set them up to fail; for life. And, you create a Hellish society for everyone to live in; to live in fear.

But when you treat children like responsible people, they will tend to become responsible adults; thus a more free society results.

"When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." ~ attributed to Thomas Jefferson

Resource Officers get paid as much as $100,000 per year each plus benefits. Our country is $22T in debt with unfunded liabilities in excess of $122T. Not only is turning schools into prisons a horrible idea, we simply cannot afford to do it anyway.

Once you have a society where morality is “relative” and there are no absolute moral norms, you cannot hire enough police officers to maintain control and the society will collapse on itself; see Venezuela in 2019.

The belief that you can create a free society but turning it into a police state is a fantasy that will end horribly.

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Comment by ronald charles vrooman on February 1, 2019 at 7:36am

Get a yellow vest and wear it whenever you leave your home. You tube Seething Phrog. I joined you folks. I'm showing you an ally. He's on Arizona., I'm on Oregon  


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