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Hello Education Watchdogs,

            You may have noticed that The Education Action Network has been a little quiet lately. I have not been on vacation but I have been working on an exiting new project. As more and more people step up to become involved in education reform I have become aware of a need for a new resource than can pull together news and information from many local and national sources while encouraging new activists to step up and become evolved in our communities.

            Ladies and gentlemen, I am convinced that the number 1 evil facing out nation today is our education system in its current state. This is an emergency we cannot afford to ignore. In order to either fix what we have, or completely tear it down and start all over, we need an effort as big as the Normandy invasion of WWII. And, unfortunately, your children probably have no idea what that historical reference is about which is a case in point of what I am talking about.

The values that are being taught to well over 90% of our school children are antithetical to a free and prosperous nation and things are getting worse every day despite what you might have heard about Arizona leading the nation in school choice. We might as well say we are leading the nation in lemurs since they are about as rare in the U.S. as anything resembling real education reform.

On September 22, 2012 we launched what I hope will be the beginning of the end for the horror that is our education system. I would like to introduce you to EVNN, The East Valley News Network , The East Valley’s First Conservative News Network”. The concept and structure of this new tool is so unique that I have found it impossible to explain to people within a familiar frame of reference exactly what it is. But, I would like to encourage you to visit the site regularly and explore its many facets. Please bare in mind that EVNN is in it’s infancy. It will be a work in progress for quite a while and may never be truly finished.

The Education Action Network is NOT GOING AWAY. On the contrary, it is connected to and also vital to EVNN along with many other conservative reform efforts.

Regardless of how this next election turns out, we have a long uphill battle to restore our nation to a land of Liberty.

Let us begin that effort anew.

~For Liberty~

Harry Mathews


The East Valley’s First Conservative News Network

Catching the news the others let get away”

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Comment by karen gevaert on October 14, 2012 at 8:53am

I'm proud to be part of your Ed. Network, I pray that all your members will join the army to fight for our childrens' future.


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