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Ask Arizona Senators to vote yes on SB1456!


Ask Arizona Senators to vote yes on SB1456!


Last week, with your help, SB1456 passed out of the Senate Education Committee. This week the whole Arizona Senate will be voting on SB1456. We need your help again to ensure parental rights are protected. Please contact the members of the Arizona State Senate ask them to vote YES on SB1456.

(email links below) .

Sample Email

Subject Line: Vote Yes on SB1456

Thank you for your service to our state and communities. Vote Yes on SB1456 and strengthen parental rights in education. (Add any personal information and/or bullet points below.)

SB1456 will strengthen parental rights and protect children by:

  • Prohibiting sex education in grades K-4.
  • Any instruction on sex education, sexuality, HIV instruction, gender identity and gender expression must have written parental permission.
  • The school district must make all sex education curricula available for the parents to review before the parent provides written permission.
  • Before the school board approves a sex education course of study, the proposed course of study must be available for public review for 60 days prior to a vote.

We must protect parental rights!

We need your help to show our legislators there is widespread support for upholding parental rights and protecting Arizona children from harmful comprehensive sex ed. Let your voice be heard!

Contact all Arizona senators by clicking here and select email all Senate Members.

Contact your Arizona senator, click here.

If you do not know your Arizona senator, click here.

Thank you for your support and for protecting and strengthening Arizona's parental rights!

Lisa Fink
Protect Arizona Children Coalition


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