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Ask Arizona Representatives to vote yes on SB1456!


Children all across Arizona need your help to protect their innocence. The House of Representatives will be voting on SB1456 as early as this week and your state representative needs to hear from you. Opposition continues to spread misinformation about the purpose of this bill.

This proposed bill is a common-sense approach to balancing concerns from parents about sex education in public schools.

SB 1456 does several important things:

  • Protects young children from sexual content they are not mature enough to handle by prohibiting sex education in K-4.
  • Provides transparency and accountability measures for schools offering sex education in grades 5 – 12
  • Respects parents as their children’s primary educator by requiring parental opt-in consent for sexual orientation and gender identity instruction
  • Places other transparency measures to safeguard parental rights
  • Is inclusive of all students

This is a reasonable step towards protecting parental rights and the innocence of the youngest children in Arizona schools!

Please email the representatives by clicking here.

The link will pull up your email and insert the representatives email addresses along with a subject line and sample body of the email. Please feel free to personalize this email before sending.

Click here to call your representatives to vote YES on SB1456.

If you have a RTS account, click here.

For instructions on how to comment on a bill, follow the instructions in this video.

Thank you for your support to protect parental rights and the innocence of children!

Lisa Fink
Protect Arizona Children Coalition


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