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[EVNN: While Red For Ed is protesting in the streets, school districts are stealing us blind. What becomes obvious in this Goldwater report is that the Public School districts are swimming in money while defrauding the public out of $millions; and they still complain that they don't have enough money for paper. What is most amazing to me is that anyone could actually believe that for a millisecond]

Goldwater Institute 10-17-18

“Over and over again, the examples of fraud investigated by the Arizona Auditor General share three commonalities: The district is found to have weak financial oversight, the fraud frequently accumulates in small amounts at a time, and the stolen funds are often spent in creative ways,” Butcher said. “State policymakers should be aware of these patterns in school district fraud and take steps to prevent them, so that taxpayers, students, and teachers all benefit.”

Read the full report here. Read the first paper, Arizona Public School Spending, 2016-2018: What Do the Changes Mean for Families and Taxpayers?, here, and the second paper, Arizona School Districts Can Eliminate Wasteful Spending to Increase Teacher Pay, here.


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Comment by ronald charles vrooman on February 6, 2019 at 9:02am

Good Morning,

Be careful, stay safe and warm.

If we didn't have "The Donald" we would have killery and many of us would be dead or in FEMA camps. Look up seething frog on you tube. wear a neon vest whenever you leave home..

all the best of every good fortune.



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