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Arizona School Choice Trust (ASCT) + High School Athlete Recruiters

 (NOTE: Info regarding high Sshool athlete recruiting pending approval for content)

You’ve all seen the headlines in the news:
Arizona’s high school graduation rate is a dismal 68.2 percent.
Forty-four percent of Arizona’s fourth graders can’t read.  In some low-income areas, that number is     nearly 90 percent.
In a recent Arizona Department of Education survey of public education, over 600     Arizona schools received a grade of “C” or lower. 

 For many public school children in Arizona,these statistics are how they live their lives. Thankfully, there are tools outthere to throw them a life-line.  That’s why I am writing to you today.  As you may know, Arizona School Choice Trust (ASCT) provides K-12 scholarships tolow-income children, foster children and children with disabilities to enable them to escape failing schools and to escape statistics that alarminglysentence them to an uncertain future.  Webelieve that nothing is more important to our state than the education of ouryoung people.  Our state’s future is intheir hands.


 And you can help provide high-quality educational opportunities for Arizona’s children – without spending a dime.

Arizona SchoolChoice Trust was founded in 1993 with the mission that every child in Arizona,regardless of income, has a chance to succeed.  ASCT has provided over 10,000 scholarships to children from low-incomefamilies throughout our state. Currently, ASCT has over 600 students on scholarships in schoolsthroughout Arizona.  But many morechildren languish on waiting lists:  waiting for hope – hope for a better chance at a better future.  It is on behalf of these children that Iwrite to you. 

The State of Arizona has wisely made contributions to organizations like ASCT eligible for a dollar for dollar taxcredit.   In other words, Arizonataxpayers can contribute up to $500 per person or $1,000 per couple to a schooltuition organization to fund K-12 scholarships for low-income children andreceive every dollar back when you file your taxes. 

In addition, Arizona C corporations cancontribute up to 100% of their Arizona corporate income tax liability.  If you work for a corporation and they are not participating, please contact me as I'd love to send you information on how to participate in this worthwhile program.  ASCT only provides scholarships tofamilies that demonstrate a clear financial need.  The average annual income of familiesaccepted to receive scholarships is approximately $30,000 for a family of four. 

Your tax creditcontribution can help kids like Anthony. Anthony is a foster child, rescued from a group home after being foundliving in a Phoenix park.  He is nowthriving in his private school, and was recently named “Student of theMonth.”  Anthony dreams of pursuing afire science degree and hopes to one day become a firefighter.  His foster mother Carol isgrateful for the opportunity Arizona School Choice Trust scholarships havegiven Anthony.  She believes that hisprivate education has helped keep him following a productive and successfulpath.  Carol calls Anthony “a joy to hisfamily, school and community.”  We havemany success stories like this. Unfortunately, we also have many children still waiting for their chanceat success.

The mission ofArizona School Choice Trust is to provide hope and opportunity to Arizona’sneediest children.  Please considerjoining with us in that mission.  You will receive a dollar-for-dollar taxcredit from the State of Arizona, allowing you to redirect funds that you wouldotherwise already pay to the Department of Revenue.  Keep in mind that participation inArizona’s tax credit scholarship program costs you nothing.   But the difference you can make in the lifeof a child - is everything.

Finally, we're hosting an ice cream social on Saturday, December 3, 2011, from 12 to 4pm at Civic Space Park in downtown Phoenix (424 N. Central Avenue). Please come and enjoy ice cream and mingle with fellow supporters, scholarship recipients and their parents. Special entertainment will be provided by our scholarship students. Please RSVP by November 25, 2011, to, or by calling 623-414-3429. Please come and let us celebrate!

Best regards,

Shawnna L.M.Bolick

P.S.   Yourtax credit contribution can give a needy child the opportunity to reach theirfull potential!  To read more studentsuccess stories and to give online, please visit our website at 

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