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Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signs voucher bill

Associated Press

PHOENIX (AP) - Republican Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has signed a major school voucher expansion bill that will extend eligibility to all 1.1 million state schoolchildren despite vehement opposition from Democrats who believe it will undercut public education and cost taxpayers untold millions of dollars.

"When parents have more choices, kids win," Ducey tweeted after the House and Senate barely passed the legislation Thursday evening.

Republican backers call the measure a needed school choice expansion, but opponents argued it will benefit the wealthy, who they say will use state money to pay for private education they would fund anyway.

The governor wrote: "Arizona has been the nation's leader in educational & parental choice for two decades. Let's keep it going, & help all Arizona kids succeed!"

The program will give Arizona one of broadest voucher programs in the nation.


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