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April 22 is Earth Day: A Pagan Holiday

 ... J. D. Longstreet

Earth Day:  A Pagan Holiday
Paganism and Christianity Forever At Odds
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

Today is being celebrated by modern pagans as "Earth Day."  It is a date set aside to worship the earth (paganism).  Today is also the birthday of Vladimir Lenin, (April 22nd 1870).  Lenin was a Russian Marxist revolutionary, author, lawyer, economic theorist, and political philosopher among other things.   Lenin created the Soviet Communist Party. 

We agree with the folks at “TheBlogProf” who say:  “It is no coincidence that Earth 
Day, April 22, was chosen to coincide with the birthday of Vladimir Lenin. A day that celebrates communism as the gold standard of human civilization. Never mind that it has never worked as advertised, creating disorder rather than order. Environmentalism, the religion du jour of the 21st century, has very similar ends of government control under the guise of being good stewards of the planet.”  (We recommend you read the entire article at: )

Read more at:

Please note how the writer at TheBlogProf refers to environmentalism:
“Environmentalism, the religion du jour of the 21st century … ”

In our opinion, the writer is spot on.  Environmentalism has become a full-fledged religion.

As I have said before: we have a hodge-podge of religions in America.  Having said that, we have to admit that some are uplifting while others are, well, just plain goofy.

I learned early on in my education that one of the most interesting discoveries, made by anthropologists, is that the human animal will, somehow, create a religion – or religions.  Scientists tell us the human animal must have belief in something that gives meaning to his, or her, existence.  We human animals long for a power greater than our own.  It seems to come in our wiring. I happen to believe that is true.

If I may be allowed to explain:  If one believes in the divine creator, as I do, then one believes the human animal was created by that divine creator referred to simply as God.  Just as a child will long for his parents I believe humans long for their parent – God.  Seems to me, that is an explanation for the yearning man has for a divine being and leads him to create an “idol” of practically anything that will provide him a focus point for that parent he instinctively knows is there -- yet remains unseen.  

I am not a theologian.  But, I must tell you I think my explanation for man’s endeavor to close the gap between man and God, existent since the Garden of Eden, is as good as any.  Christians will tell you that Christ, God’s Son, came to this earth and closed that gap 2,000 years ago.  He was perceived by the corrupt government of his day as a threat and, as a result, he was executed.  Christians believe that three days later he rose from the dead and returned home but not before promising to return to earth and clean up the mess we have made.

As we said, that was around 2,000 years ago.  Things have changed for the worst. In this century, and the last, so many have turned from the worship of the supreme being, we call God, to what we used to call “paganism”… the worship of nature, or the environment, or… more specifically…environmentalism.

Yes, environmentalism HAS become a religion.  Well, actually, it always was, it has just come back into favor in the past 100 years, or so.

One thing I want to set straight before continuing, nature is not God. It is my belief that GOD created nature.  

Now, we can continue.

Michael Crichton, in his “Environmentalism as Religion” remarks made before the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco in 2003, summed it all up rather nicely, I think:

“The believers in environmentalism believe and preach that we should live in unity with nature, or the environment.  They believe that in the beginning we did. They believe that we are now living in sin because we have polluted the earth.  We will be visited with a judgment day and the judgment will be death, for the whole planet, unless we repent, (which means to turn around and go the other way) and make our way back to sustainability. You see, in the environmentalism religion, sustainability IS salvation.”   …    Michael Crichton.  See Crichton’s remarks here:

The environmental religionists are calling for us to repent.  We are doomed, they say, as a result of pollution, global warming, running out of oil, the whole list of tribulations the environmentalist faithful are so sure are coming.

They believe that man and nature should coexist in one accord. Humans have never done that.  Why …  because it is impossible!  Man has always been at nature’s mercy. Nature is unforgiving.  Nature will kill you in a split second!  The evidence is all around me as I sit here writing in North Carolina awaiting the annual hurricane season to begin (officially) on June 1st.   Those of us who live in "Hurricane Alley" are well acquainted with nature's force and nature's fury.  We learned, long ago, to respect nature, but not worship it!  Believe me, those who find themselves praying to God for mercy in the midst of one of these horrific storms, is not the least bit confused as to who the Supreme Being is!   

Today, we have all the preachers of the Church of Environmentalism, preaching at us non-stop.  They preach fear.  They preach gloom and doom. They preach forsaking progress and returning to the days when man lived in harmony with nature, even though no such period ever existed in the history of mankind.

Many feel that inside that outer shell of green, the environmentalists so proudly wear, is the red of communism.  Like a watermelon, on the outside it is green.  Conversely, on the inside it is red.  And therein lies the connection with Earth Day’s observance on the birthday of Vladimir Lenin one of the founders of communism. 

The environmental movement is in direct conflict with the Christian religion and, in this scribe's opinion, Christians should stir clear of any involvement with the "greenies," the “useful idiots” of the Marxists and communists, intent on the destruction of all those rights granted to man by God. 

Earth Day is a pagan celebration, and I want no part in it.

© J. D. Longstreet

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Comment by karen gevaert on April 22, 2013 at 10:22am

J D, as usual, is spot-on--this is just more crapp from these nut-cases.

Comment by shimauma on April 24, 2013 at 5:26pm

We took a 4 hour drive the weekend before, did some target shooting, and on April 22nd we smoked a sirloin roast for dinner.  The only thing that we could have done to make it more fun was burn some tires and spray aerasol hair spray into the ozone.

Comment by Harry Mathews on April 25, 2013 at 12:16am



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