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Anti bullying campaigns are largely a front for gay/lesbian (social anarchist) groups

28JAN 2013 Socialism Does Not Work

I have been wanting to do this article for awhile. In the last couple years “anti bullying” has been pushed extremely hard by the media, Hollywood, and celebrities.

But what is it exactly. Its presented as a charity but its not a very tangible charity. We hear more about anti-bullying groups these days than charities that feed the poor or help cure diseases.

What they mostly do is have celebrities make commercials and appearances at schools to talk about bullying.

A lot of this is part of the every kid gets a trophy mentality in today’s society. Parents think they can raise kids in a bubble and this somehow helps them in later life when its the opposite.

This also fits into the leftist mantra of trying to make every person exactly the same and have the same things. Stripping all the individuality out of society and having everyone dependent on the government.

And part of the anti bullying thing is its a front for gay and lesbian groups. Do the research. Every one of these organizations is heavily backed by gay groups like GLAAD.

Their strategy is to heavily get behind these anti bullying organizations to help push their agenda of gay acceptance.

They know that the younger they get to kids the earlier they can start the brain washing process.

Many far leftists do this with children. Barack Obama has manipulated children so much he should have an organization called Obama Youth.

Leftists have to try to indoctrinate the very young because they are naive and the earlier you brainwash someone the longer it might stick.

Its basically a sinister plan.

I believe in free will and people can do what they want but the endless gay propaganda and gay groups marketing toward children is getting annoying. Russia actually has the right idea in combating this type of propaganda.

Lets be honest. Homosexuality will never be fully mainstream because people don’t want to think about two guys having sex. Theres no way around that.

At some point you reach a plateau of just how much gay acceptance there will be. I think we have reached that plateau. That level its at is not rising despite a constant barrage of pro gay propaganda from Hollywood and even the White House.

25+ states are never going to pass gay marriage no matter how much its pushed. Even in states it would pass, almost half the people would still be strongly against it.

Gay groups like Glaad basically operate with the same shady shakedown methods of a Jesse Jackson.

They look for anyone that does or says anything the slightest “offensive” or “insulting” to gays and then blackmail them.

In a nutshell what I am saying here is methods like blackmail and brainwashing kids is never going to increase gay acceptance much more than it already is.

Just today I saw a commercial from one of these groups basically saying if you say “this is gay” you are an awful person. A remark that isn’t even aimed toward homosexuals.

In fact most gay slang are not used on gays. The word fag is mostly used toward straight people.

The gay groups think if they somehow take on these minute battles they somehow think they are going to win some imaginary war.

This is a free country and you are free to say what you want. Yet with all the political correctness and shakedown groups speech is less free than it has been in years.

You can’t attack peoples free speech, use shakedowns, and attempt to brainwash children to try to create acceptance. It just does not work.

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