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American Family Education - Open House Thursday April 29, 2021

American Family Education inspiring healthy minds, bodies, and relationships. Get a 1st peak at all the fun we have planned for this summer and next fall at our Open House on Thursday @10 AM. American Family Education is a safe haven for families and individuals with a mission or talent to share.

*Education alternatives for all ages
*Electives for enrichment activities, talents and skill development
*Discussion Groups
*Kid’s camps
*Mentoring for adults and teens
*Networking within a community of like minded people
*Resources for learning

We're always looking for those with a talent/passion for teaching AND for individuals and families who want to associate and learn with others who share their values. We are a multi denominational Christian nonprofit that holds to the truth that each person has immeasurable worth and their own individual path. Thank you for checking us out and let us know if you think this may be a place where you’d like to contribute.
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Kathryn, Founder of

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