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MEETING TONIGHT!!! Please read the following emails (and attached agenda) concerning Gilbert Public Schools. As in DC, local lame duck bureaucracts are doing their best to steer the ship into the rocks so they can watch as the new administrators DROWN IN THE SHIPWRECK. The Board meeting is today, November 9, at 7:00 pm. Educational Complex 140 South Gilbert Road Gilbert, AZ


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From: Anita L Christy a href="">>
Date: Tue, Nov 9, 2010 at 2:10 AM
Subject: RE: GPS - Spending $90K for strategic Direction
To: Shane Stapley a href="">>,

I’ll be at a another meeting tomorrow and can’t make it. But can I publish the following on Gilbert Watch? I wrote this in a hurry, so please edit whatever you’re not comfortable with, even if it’s everything. Won’t hurt my feelings. Anita

“Why is the lame duck Gilbert Public School Board intending to spend $90K plus $10,000 “travel expenses for out of state members” to a company called “Hein Sight… before the fact”? Apparently, this organization provides a “strategic direction” to the board and administration based on the GPS mission, vision, and values. Isn’t that the job of the Board members? At the very least, shouldn’t the newly elected Governing Board make the decision regarding who, what, how, where, and why they might wish to obtain services of a facilitator to help them figure out their future direction? Maybe the new board prefers to not be hamstrung to an organization of which they know nothing.

Also, there apparently isnt even a contract provided, just the Request for Proposal.

There is no time like the present to get involved in finding out about all those non-classroom “costs of education” that we all pay for.

The Board meeting is today, November 9, at 7:00 pm.
Educational Complex
140 South Gilbert Road
Gilbert, AZ

Fill out a Request to Speak card and just ask a few questions. Such as: 1) Why is this money being spent? 2) For what exactly? 3) Where’s the contract and what’s in it? 4) Shouldn’t the new board members decide if this is a service they want or need? 5) Please hold off deciding this matter until the new board can get the answers to these questions.

Here’s the link to the Gilbert Public Schools website:


From: Shane Stapley []
Sent: Tuesday, November 09, 2010 1:12 AM
Subject: GPS - Spending $90K for strategic Direction

Here’s the meeting packet for 11/9. You’ll see near the end, pages 75-78 or agenda item 7.12 that GPS in intending to spend $90K to a company called “Hein Sight… before the fact.” To provide a “strategic direction” to the board and administration based on the GPS mission, vision, and values. As if this isn’t enough… with no information as to what Hein Sight is to accomplish, the next proposal is for a multi-year contract with Hein Sight to provide the very same services we know nothing about. No contract to consider, nothing to look over.

I highly recommend that anyone who is interested to see how $90K of tax-payer money is being paid for “strategic direction”, you might come on down and ask some of those questions of the school board and move that the board table a final decision on this matter ‘til more information is made available. Perhaps the paper could do a story on what is expected with the $90K purchase.

This deal was brokered between school board member Adelaida Severson, Dr. Dave Allison-Superintendent, Clyde Dangerfield Esq. Assistant-Superintendent, and other GPS former employees.

I’m left scratching my head wondering why we have a lame-duck school board members recommending approval for expenses to provide strategic direction. Shouldn’t at least one other board member who is remaining be a part of this effort if for no other reason than to give continuity to the overall effort? As it stands, after January, strategic direction will seemingly be owned by GPS Administration and Hein Sight. And I thought this was something the school board was supposed to do?


Shane Stapley

Gilbert, AZ 85296
480.326.0590 Direct

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Comment by PhD in IB on November 9, 2010 at 8:27am
Hi there. I just did a search on Kenneth W. Hein, founder of Hein Sight and I came across a rather disturbing comment he made on Resist Net. Remember, there are infiltrators on Resist Net. Now this comment is in response to the topic of Obama being re-elected in 2012:
Reply by Kenneth W. Hein on October 6, 2010 at 12:29pm
Yes, it is actually most unfortunate that in the course of things, when politics fail and people reach the end of what they believe is tolerable, thus, losing hope...they are driven to war. Should that happen, it will make the war between the states look like a friendly gathering, but it won't be a conventional war. We must resolve that while we prepare for the worst, we shall not let our emotions drive us to idiotic choices or rash behavior. Winning this war will require sound, controlled, yet aggressive maneuvers designed to keep our enemies off-balance and disorganized. Planning, preparation, and patience will give us our country back.

HERE is his Facebook page.

I could be totally wrong. Maybe this guy is legit. However, his "likes" on Facebook just seem too cliche'. My spidey sense is tingling on this one. He's got a lot of international connections.

Then again, he completely avoids the issue of amnesty with this comment, again on Resist Net, regarding illegal immigrant in AZ:

Permalink Reply by Kenneth W. Hein 15 hours ago
Interestingly, too many politicians cry out about strangling the economy, but pay no attention to those in the electorate who are being physically strangled or murdered by other means; often by the illegals the politicians say are necessary to maintain the economy. Talk about missing the forest for the trees. Wake up, America! We do NOT need illegal labor to remain competitive in the world. But, we do honest employers who will pay a decent wage and hire only those who are here legally.

I think it would be great if your Tea party group sat down with Kenneth and "vetted" his past recommendations to districts and see if he has been consistent in advocating for liberty. He could be a catalyst for getting rid of IB in Gilbert if he is true to 9/12 Principles, in which case, let them pay him $90,000 in order to make a recommendation which will save your district millions in the long run! How he views IB can be an excellent measure of his true agenda.


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