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Alex Newman Speaking In Mesa on August 6

Alex Newman Speaking in Mesa!

JBS Nationwide Speaking Tour in Full Swing

There is a reason our nation has veered so far off course and — no, it’s not just the politicians —it’s what has been transpiring in your children’s public school classrooms. Many Americans have been deceived into believing that the government wants the best for your child. Yet, traditional education methods have been put on the backburner for a much bigger agenda: planting progressive ideals in classrooms, transforming American children into social activists, and molding them into United Nations’ “global citizens.”

The New American author, speaker, and teacher Alex Newman is on a mission to expose this threat to faith, family, and freedom, while also revealing solutions through a nationwide summer speaking tour.

Mr Newman will speak in Mesa August 6th, a Tuesday  at 7 pm at The Mesa Eagle Community Center 828 E. Broadway which is west of Stapley and east of Horne.  That may be the first day of school.  We need our youth to love and cherish the freedoms and responsibilities that we have inherited.

Wednesday, 05 June 2019

Study: Common Core Had “Significant Negative Effect” on Students

Written by  Alex Newman
  • Study: Common Core Had “Significant Negative Effect” on Students

From FreedomProject Media:

A barely noticed study on the Obama-backed Common Core scheme revealed that the controversial national “education” standards caused a “significant” decline in student achievement.

Basically, if the Common Core scheme had never existed, students would have been much better off, according to researchers at the federally funded Center on Standards, Alignment, Instruction and Learning (C-SAIL).

Results show that student performance declined in both reading and math as a result of Common Core, the researchers noted.

“Contrary to our expectation, we found that [Common Core] had significant negative effects on 4th graders’ reading achievement during the 7 years after the adoption of the new standards,” the study found.

Indeed, Common Core is packed with quackery such as the “sight-word” method that was first exposed as a dangerous failure over 150 years ago when it was tried in Boston. Even contributors to the Common Core reading section are blowing th...

The controversial standards also “had a significant negative effect on 8th graders’ math achievement 7 years after adoption based on analyses of [National Assessment of Educational Progress] composite scores,” according to the analysis.

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Comment by Karen Gevaert on July 14, 2019 at 1:38pm

I remember when this ugly common core was introduced in our schools.  Those of us knew how dangerous this curriculum was going to be for our children.  We fought the good fight only to lose to the greedy and bureaucratic morons who run our schools.  It seems that the radicals have won, they have our children!!  I don't know what can be done.  Parents are still putting their children in the government run schools.  I guess until all the children are corrupt maybe only then will society see what has been done,  only it will be to late!!!

Comment by Harry Mathews on July 15, 2019 at 6:30am

"It is only when the people become ignorant and corrupt, when they degenerate into a populace, that they are incapable of exercising the sovereignty. Usurpation is then an easy attainment, and a usurper soon found. The people themselves become the willing instruments of their own debasement and ruin."~James Monroe

Comment by Karen Gevaert on July 15, 2019 at 7:54am

I'm glad that our 'Founders' are not here to see what has become of our America, These great people fought and died for their America, we are destroying all their efforts.  We fight in other countries for their freedom but forget to take a stand and fight for our freedoms.


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