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All hands on deck--we need you to represent families and the law, SB1009, on Wednesday December 3rd at the Tempe Union High School Board meeting.  The meeting will start at 7PM and they will probably get to the Sex Ed curriculum a little after 7.  The address is 500 W. Kyrene, Tempe, 85283.  The District office is at the NW corner of Kyrene and Guadalupe.


If the new Sex Ed curriculum is something the district is proud of and sure it's compliant with the law, they would not have tried to sneak it in around Thanksgiving.  They would also have posted it on-line with hard copies in the district office without parents having to beg for access to both versions.


There has also been some confusion as to whether the District will offer "Choosing the Best" as a non-controversial and law-abiding curriculum option.  And will the District tell families they are to OPT IN  to the new Planned Parenthood curriculum or will parents be lead to believe they have no choice in the matter?  Remember, the more students in the seats, the more business for Planned Parenthood.  Tempe's Planned Parenthood has had to close a few times recently so they are definitely looking for some additional business to keep their doors open for the long term.  Will TUHSD be the source?


TUHSD is trying to distance itself from the words "Planned Parenthood" but the relationship exists, no doubt about it.


For those of you in other districts, feel free to come and observe and/or speak.  When Planned Parenthood tries to sneak into your district, we will return the favor.


Thanks in advance and spread the word. 

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