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By Jose Borrajero 

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If you thought that we had licked the problem of some schools in AZ fomenting hatred toward a specific race, think again.

The same folks that gave us the Mexican Studies in Pima County are back stronger than ever.

Rep. Thorpe of Flagstaff has stepped forward and introduced bill HB2120 aimed at stopping this very destructive and despicable behavior.

As could be expected, the reaction of the leftist, racist malcontents has been swift and brutal. They are extremely well organized and have flooded our legislators with emails and phone calls blasting Mr. Thorpe and demanding that HB2120 be scrapped.



education; prohibited courses and activities


To read the full text of HB2120, CLICK HERE


To respond, simply CLICK HERE and follow the instructions


You the members of AZRRT are not going to let them get away with this, are you? We the AZRRT leadership fully hope that you will respond as follows:


HB2120 has been assigned to the House Education Committee, but a hearing has not been scheduled. When that happens, we will issue a request for testimony at the hearing via ALIS/RTS.


In the meantime, please contact all members of the House Education Committee and request that HB2120 be scheduled for a hearing and that committee members vote in favor of it. 


As a member of AZRRT and a Peoples Lobbyist, you now have the ability to do this in seconds, not minutes. No excuses for not responding.

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