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ACTION ALERT: Save Women's Sports! Take Action Now on HB2706

Why this bill is needed:

  • Women and girls are finding biological males identifying as females competing on girls’ sports teams.

  • Researchers have found biological males have an “intolerable" advantage over females even after using cross-sex hormones.

  • Allowing boys to compete in girls’ sports reverses nearly 50 years of advances for women.

  • Women and girls should not be forced to compete against men and boys playing on women’s sports teams.

1. Let the representatives listed below know Arizonans value a fair and level playing field for women and girls.

2. Click here to sign on to your RTS account, enter HB2706, and register your support as Yes on this bill.

Representatives to contact on Health & Human Services Committee (HHS)

John Allen -- -- 602-926-4916

Kelli Butler -- -- 602-926-5156 ***

Gail Griffin -- -- 602-926-5895

Alma Hernandez -- -- 602-926-3136 ***

Becky Nutt -- -- 602-926-926-4852

Pamela Powers Hannley -- -- 602-926-4848 ***

Dr. Amish Shah, MD -- -- 602-926-3280 ***

Jay Lawrence (Vice Chairman) -- -- 602-926-3095

Nancy Barto (Chairman) -- -- 602-926-5766

If you can’t contact each of these members, please at least contact the representatives marked with an (***)


Lisa Fink
President, Protect Arizona Children Coalition

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