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A Turning Point For Free Speech On College Campuses?

As you are abundantly aware, there is no freedom of speech on America's college campuses today. Anyone who goes against the Communist tide is drowned out, hammered down, and forced out; until now. Of all places, the University of Arizona just might be taking the lead on a turnaround regarding our first ammendment rights in institutions of higher learning. A recent incident gives us hope. We pray this is not an isolated incident but will set a new precedent in true "tolerance", of those of a differing opinion, on campus.

by Victor Riches April 18, 2019 In Defence Of Liberty

University of Arizona students recently invited two border-patrol agents to speak at a Career Day presentation about their careers in law enforcement. A group of students who claimed to be offended by the agents’ presence set out to disrupt the event and began yelling low-brow insults such as “murderers,” the “murder patrol,” and an “extension of the KKK.” Several protesters even followed the agents to their cars, continuing the chant of “murder patrol” and “We won’t stop until you get off our campus.” The protestors succeeded in thwarting speech. (Stanley Kurtz details the event at National Review Online here.) 

What happened next, however, just might be a turning point in today’s campus free speech crisis, as Kurtz explains. “Instead of rolling over, UA campus police filed criminal misdemeanor charges of ‘interference with the peaceful conduct of an educational institution’ against three of the students, while a third was also charged with “threats and intimidation.” UA President Robert Robbins also took a strong stand for the First Amendment by saying, “Student protest is protected by our support for free speech but disruption is not.”


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