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A student was suspended for staying in class during "walk out" political protest


"An Ohio high school student has found himself at the center of political controversy after an online post about his suspension for staying in class during the national student school walkout went viral." ~Washington Post


There was obvious pressure placed on the student, Jacob Shoemaker, 18, to go-a-long or else. He chose the "or else" rather than participate in a protest forced upon him by the school his parents pay for. Does this seem like something that could not happen in your school? This type of thing goes on in virtually every government school in the country although the abuse is usually more subtle than blatantly forcing students to participate in overt political activism. Classrooms are frequently used to indoctrinate and intimidate students into becoming neo-Marxist revolutionaries. All on the taxpayer dime. The unwillingness of the public to believe that public education is anything short of institutionalized child abuse is the root cause of the problem. Until parents start to face reality and stand up for what is wise and good for their children, the abuse will only get worse. 

     If you are one of those parents who refuses to face reality and take a stand for what is right...

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