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A Message from the "AZ Bee": GPS President Bans Parents Faces

Reporter: R.E. Porter November 7, 2021 The AZ Bee

At the latest meeting of the Gilbert Public Schools (GPS) governing board, J. Charles Santa Cruz, Ed. (Ed. does not mean erectile disfuntion, we hope for his sake anyway) the President of the Gilbert Public Schools Governing Board, handed down a decree requiring all parents that speak at school board meetings wear a mask that covers their entire face. The masks must also be thick enough so that the parents voices will not be understood when they speak. He added that if it also completely cuts off their air supply, that would be even better.

In a conversation overheard on a hot mike he exclaimed "I am so sick of looking at these people. How can they possibly disagree with me? I am less white than they are so obviously i'm right. Oh, they are so racist"!

However, there is a caveat to the new edict. If parents' comments glorify the school board, then they won't have to wear a mask at all. But, don't try to fool the school board! One parent put on their comment card that they intended to praise the school board for their excellent management of public funds. Instead, the parent excoriated them for wasting $100 million on "diversity training".The parent was dragged out of the meeting by two burly resource officers. The parent hasn't been seen or heard from since. We understand that they might have been relocated to a special government funded "vacation resort" designed to make parents so happy they will never even think about criticizing their government again. I love living in the land of the free, don't you?

(The previous story is completely false. It is presented here as entertainment for the prols)

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