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A Letter To Doug Ducey From "One Angry Taxpayer, Voter And Grass Roots Activist"

Terri Siddons 11-25-14

I had so hoped that finally we would have elected a conservative Governor. I voted for someone else in the primary because of your connection to the McCain machine...(lest you think that we voters don't pay attention, do our homework or care about what's happening to our country), but...sigh, alas, once again the lie is spoken to get elected, and we the people get screwed in the process. I don't understand how you can sleep at night....You spoke out and said you were against Common Core, and now, even before you take office, you are putting people in your administration that favor it....(Oh, let me be bipartisan). We didn't elect Diane Douglas or you to be Bipartisan....we elected you to stand on conservative principles and to kick the butts of those who want to sell  our children's education down the road into a one size fits all....But wait...your kids must go to private, we, the plebes are too stupid to understand how much you "care" and how you know more about our "best interests' than we do. (Gag me).

So, while I am sure you are probably a nice guy, you have already placed a target on your back, and you should build your retirement plan around being a one term Governor. The TRUE conservatives who believe in the founding principles of government versus our moving target....not of right vs wrong, but instead based on who buys your support. The cat is out of the bag, and you have already been shown to be (I'll use the PC media term....disingenuous...though I call it being a LIAR)..I suggest you.get ready for a ride.

And, curse on you for betraying our trust for your own gain.

Terri Siddons

One angry Arizona taxpayer, voter and grass roots activist committed to exposing you for who you really

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Comment by Ronald Harders on November 28, 2014 at 10:23am

I agree wholeheartedly with Terri Siddons. In fact, I suggest that we band together and should Ducey decide to renege on his primary promise of removing common core from AZ that we begin and bring to fruition a recall effort and find one conservative governor candidate to replace him.

Ron Harders

Comment by Harry Mathews on November 28, 2014 at 2:18pm

Ron, i agree with your sentiment wholeheartedly but sadly, i don't think it would work out. None of the Conservatives who ran against Ducey garnered a significant amount of votes to challenge even a RINO like Ducey much less a full blown Progressive Socialist (Democrat). Ducey is part of the Right Wing of The Democrat/Socialist Party AKA the establishment Republican Party. Until true Republicans control the AZ GOP we have no chance, that i can see, of replacing the Duce with a true Republican. We have to continue to try and clean house. IMHO

Comment by Ronald Harders on November 28, 2014 at 2:56pm

You're correct to a point. I am now the chair of the LD 27 Repubs and am embarking on a plan to bring LD 27 to full force with conservative Republicans. We also feel we can convert the black and Hispanic sectors of our LD to right thinkers and we have some very qualified ethnics to do that. Got plans, now they need to be executed.

Comment by Harry Mathews on November 28, 2014 at 4:10pm

Sounds great Ron! Godspeed

Comment by shimauma on November 29, 2014 at 2:49pm

God Bless you Ron! I pray what you and Terri are doing will multiply seven times over the whole state of AZ.


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