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1) What can be done to prevent special elections (single issue only) on school taxes?
Kyrene had a vote this past March in which the issue was hyped in the schools threatening class size and educational cuts etc. etc. if the tax increase was not extended (for 6 more years!). They scheduled this vote during the school year when they had a captive audience to scare and drum up the support among the parents. Special elections (single issue only) tend to have a very low voter turnonut. Why don't we require that school tax issues be placed on the regularly scheduled ballots? Wouldn't this save us the expense of separate elections?
2) Will you publicize in your committee and on your website the option of re-directing up to $1,400 per year of your Arizona state income taxes toward charter or private schools and charities? This gives you more control over the use of your state tax dollars. Many of the participating schools are producing well educated, successful students. They should be supported. It also puts money into the hands of charities who return high percentages of those dollars back into the hands of people who are most in need.
One program is called Catholic Tuition Organization of the Diocese of Phoenix (CTODP)
Another program is Horizon Community Learning Center (HCLC)
Catholic Charities is an option for these funds
These are just a couple of participating organizations that I have come across. This re-direction costs you nothing! You are simply assigning the organization of your choice the tax dollars you would already be paying, up to $1,400/year. It is really easy to do and there is a place on the tax form to declare your intention. You can even re-direct your dollars by charging the amount on your credit card. This allows you to accumulate card benefits on those $'s as well.

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