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A College Board Votes to NOT Raise Taxes; In Other News, Snow Expected In Hell Today

Eastern Arizona College Board vote
Don Carter 
With concern for their stewardship, the EAC Board of Directors voted last Wednesday, the 15th, and to protect those who elected them to the School Board by not raising Property taxes!
It appears for the first time in many years that EAC Board members did some due diligence and saw that raising Property Taxes was not needed to keep the College viable, and also saw through the "smoke" from years passed. For the past 14 out of 15 years, the Board has given in to certain EAC staff who have stated that raising the property taxes each year was essential to obtain the Equalization Funds from the State. This of course isn't true, as raising Graham County property taxes for EAC are not necessary to receive the approximate $15,000,000.00 State Equalization Funds. All previous Boards and Staff had to do was ask those who knew.
 In the Courier, dated 11 June 2016, an ad was placed by Dave and Mary Morse of Pima. This ad invited concerned citizens of Graham County, who did not want their Property Taxes raised  to attend the Board meeting and say, "NO MORE TAXES!". Since the EAC piece of the "Annual Tax Pie" was and has been the highest tax number on the list of many taxes property owners are required to pay, many attended. They spoke their minds. Dave Morse then spoke and explained that Property Taxes didn't have to be raised to obtain the State Equalization Funds.
The Board voted and the outcome was 4 to not raise and 1 to raise the tax! The lone YES to raise taxes came from long time Board member Rick Mattice, a member of the Board for decades. Interesting...
Thank you EAC Board members who voted NO to raise taxes !! Due Diligence works...
From Press Release 6-16-16

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