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Philadelphia Teachers Organize 'Black Lives Matter Week'

January 26, 2017 

For Charlie McGeehan, it was a move inspired by a group of teachers on the other side of the country.

"In Seattle, 2,000 teachers from across the district wore Black Lives Matter shirts and raised that as a topic of conversation in their schools and engaged their students with on one day in October and we were inspired by that action," McGeehan said. Last fall, teachers across the Seattle area wore the shirts and used it to start a dialogue and McGeehan quickly got to work in trying to arrange something similar in Philadelphia.

"After that happened in October, we started conversations among the Racial Justice Committee over how we could do a similar action in Philadelphia," he said. McGeehan teaches humanities at the U School in North Philadelphia and helped organize the Black Lives Matter Week of Action.

It's a collaboration between the Caucus of Working Educators -- which is a part of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers -- and the Teacher Action Group and has been endorsed by Philadelphia chapter of Black Lives Matter. Participating teachers have been wearing Black Lives Matter t-shirts and buttons while holding discussions and lessons on social and racial justice.


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