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2015 Bond and School Overrides Taxes to Fight

It seems that every town, city and school district is running tax proposals again, especially those who didn't win those races in 2014.  Since they don't seem to understand the word NO, we will have to give them another lesson!  You know, citizens already pay a large portion of the 97 taxes assessed by different entities.  How much further can families stretch their paychecks?  Or seniors on fixed incomes?


1.  Scottsdale's third try to pass a bond tax on property owners.  It is for mostly maintenance items they have neglected over the years so they could give a developer money to build whatever they want.  Now, they seem to have the $75million to build a Desert Discovery Center in the PRESERVE that voters already said they were willing to be taxed to set that mountain area ASIDE as a PRESERVE - "to keep safe from harm or injury; protect or spare."  $95,000,000 + about $30,000,000 in interest. Vote NO  on all 6 questions!     Nov 3

2.  Paradise Valley Unified school District Override Tax - they lost this election last year but they don't understand NO either.  Vote NO until they SHOW YOU why they need the money and SHOW YOU what they have been spending taxpayer $$ on already.  Nov 3

3.  Dysart Unified School District Override Tax - They also lost in the last election and need a lesson from the voters.  This will fund employee pay and day to day expenses!  WHAT?  That should have been budgeted for as those are ongoing expenses they know are coming.  $18,800,000, the highest amount the district can request.  Plus that pesky interest that will add a few more $million to the taxpayer's backs.  Vote NO until they conquer their spending addiction.  Don't be fooled by the claim the only thing they can cut is teachers!  Put teachers first and cut the pork. Vote NO until they learn to do what we do: stick to a budget!  Nov 3  And by the way, tell them to STOP using kids to do their campaigning!

4.  Yes to Chandler Students (it's always "for the children") Back the Bond in Chandler schools.  A piddling $196,000,000 + interest needed to fund whatever because in our experience, they rarely spend the money the way the say!  They are running this as a BOND because statistically, voters will say YES to bonds but NO to overrides.  Don't they know it's a tax either way?  Nov 3, vote NO and tell them to STOP using children to do their electioneering!  Kids can't process that information in a rational way and it's a shameful practice!

5.  Gilbert School Special Tax Increase election.  Yep, they lost last election, here we go again!  Once again, this will raise property taxes on all Gilbert School District residents.  This district decided to go for the gold.  There are 2 questions: raise taxes for a school budget override for teacher pay increases, which would be the 6th in five years AND a $98,000,000 bond issue!  Well, you have to hand it to Gilbert officials for their chutzpah!  See for more info

6.  Pima County Bond Election. This election covers seven different propositions that total $815,760,000 in general obligation bonds.  Last year, Pima County passed $22,000,000 in Animal Card Bonds.  Click HERE for the current Bond propositions - be sure to click the links on that page - and be sure Pima County is NOT bonding to pay for ongoing maintenance items that will deteriorate before the bond payments run out. Many of these bonds outlive the life of the work done, requiring more bonds!

7.  Tempe USD is running a bond election by mail in ballot only, but in the packet it does not say how to get your mail in ballot.  They are claiming it is not a tax increase when in fact it is. [sent in by a reader but a bond issue is not a tax increase.  It is a whole new tax.  A small difference but a bond has a stated life when it is paid off.  But this is actually a Budget Override so taxpayers are voting whether or not to raise more taxes to fund the budget override that adds more money to the budget through new taxes.  It's amazingly hard to find out by what amount of $30million. It is the max the law allows: 15% of the current budget.  Website for TUSD]  VOTE NO!

8.  Bond issue for Continental School District in Green Valley, AZ, Pima County.  No info can be found as to the amount but they have been discussing the max: 15% of the current budget. Continental Elementary School NO. 39 in Green Valley, AZ, south of Tucson is asking for a bond override as Prop 434 on the 2015 Pima County ballot. This is a continuation of the secondary tax rate $0.16 per $100 of assessed valuation and is in addition to the school district's tax rate that will be levied to fund the district's revenue control limit allowed by law.

9.  Maryvale U.S.D. 364 School Improvement Bond

10. Queen Creek U.S.D. Budget Override: A special election to vote on a budget override question for the Queen Creek Unified School District is Tuesday, November 3, 2015. An override allows school district voters to approve additional funding for operational expenses. The override would allow the district to exceed its budget by 15 percent (the maximum the law allows].

11. Cave Creek U.S.D. Maintenance and Operations Override.  They will extend the override by the max: 15% approximately $4.2million

There are dozens more school tax increases scheduled for November 3, 2015.  Every taxing entity that was unsuccessful in 2014 or 2013 are back at the public trough this year.  They all believe an off year election helps get these passed.  And it costs these entities MORE than having these in an on year election!  See a full list here but send us more detailed info for your district so we can alert our taxpayers in Arizona.

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Comment by Peggy McClain on October 11, 2015 at 5:18pm

All are invited to Tempe Union High School (TUHSD) "Say No to the Override Rally", 2PM this Tuesday, 10-13-15.  500 W. Guadalupe Tempe  85283, in front of the TUHSD District Office.

Let's let the TUHSD Superintendent and Governing Board and ALL the School Districts know that we are watching.  Because we were educated in a traditional curriculum, we can do the math and we do read between the lines.

Stop complaining, get off the couch, band together and say NO MORE!  They steal more and more of our money and it's never enough.

See you Tuesday!


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