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160119-2230 AZRRT UPDATE – EDUCATION BILLS By Jose Borrajero

Arizona Freedom Alliance 1-19-16

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IMPORTANT: The AZ School Choice organization is reporting that the two very important education related bills scheduled to be heard tomorrow, have been postponed to a future date. This is bad news for those who had made plans to travel to the capitol to testify in person, but it is good news for those who were planning on responding electronically.

Many of you had decided to be players, not spectators, but somehow had not gotten around to responding yet, and this delay will give you a few more days to do so. If you want to participate but are not quite sure how, you may benefit from the tips found at:

Here is a copy of the alert sent out by the AZ School Choice organization:

“Common Core Fighters, I heard from the bill sponsor that HB2056 and HB2088 will not be heard in the House Education Committee tomorrow but will be heard next week on Jan 27th. If you haven't done so already, please contact the Representatives on this committee by phone, e-mail/form letter, submit comments through "Request to Speak" and be present to testify in favor of both of these bills. This gives another week to prepare so let us take full advantage of this time. I included the original message with bill summaries and contact information for you to use.

For our children,

-Jennifer Reynolds

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