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10,000 Reasons To Overturn The Mesa Cancel Culture/so called "Non-Discrimintation" Ordinance

NOTE: There is a referendum petition drive underway to overturn the so called Mesa "Non-Discrimination" ordinance. If you would like to help with this petition drive or even just sign the petition contact 

Verl Farnsworth

(Time is short! We have less than 2 weeks left to gather the necessary signatures to overturn this!)

The Culture War and so called “Non-Discrimination” Ordinances

(OK, so there are not 10,000 reasons listed here but i am confident that you could think of that many reasons, or more, if you thought about it long enough)

The Cancel Culture War is upon us. This is a war, not just on culture, but sanity itself. The Cancel Culture laws that are being passed here in the Phoenix area, and around the country, refered to as “Non-Discrimination” ordinances, give special exclusive rights to a miniscule segment of the population with the ultimate goal of demonizing, attacking, and, ultimately, erasing American Culture. This would turn our country from a Democracy, will of the majority, into a Minocracy, the will of a elite, corrupt, minority.

These laws are designed to turn law into a weapon to destroy peoples lives and undermine our very society. They are pure evil. In the echo chamber of “the Left” no dissenting opinions are allowed and so we can't have an honest discussion on the matter for fear of being deplatformed, losing our jobs or worse. But, in this space, at least, we present just a few of the specific issues raised by this type of legislation.


Talking Points From

  • Homosexuality and Transgenderism are emotional and mental disorders. They are not civil rights. The city should not promote mental and emotional disorders as civil rights. LGBT behaviors requiring counseling, not enabling.

  • Sex is based on biological fact. The notion that a city should recognize a psychological condition such as homosexuality or gender identity undermines sound governance.

  • There are ex-gays. People are NOT born gay. Review these sites for more information:

  • Homosexual conduct is a misuse of organs, like shoving a straw up one's nose to drink, or using one's elbow to scratch one's ears.

  • Homosexuals suffer shorter lifespans by an average of 20%. 

  • 41% of transgenders attempt suicide in the most LGBT affirming countries and communities.

  • The answer to these pathologies is not more privileges for LGBT behaviors.

  • This LGBT non-discrimination ordinance privileges a select political lobby at the expense of everyone else. Such discrimination hurts businesses, customers, and community members. Their rights matter, too.

  • Parents who support LGBT behaviors and identities in their children are harming them, even if they mean well. An entire city should not pander to a small group demanding special privileges for a set of destructive behaviors based on false ideas.

  • The Arizona Supreme Court has already ruled on these LGBT non-discrimination ordinances.

  • The city council cannot impose this:   
    Brush & Nib Studio v. City of Phoenix

  • Governments legally discriminate between male and female, healthy and unhealthy, right and wrong. LGBT ordinances invidiously discriminate against all residents.

  • The U.S. Constitution already provides protections for natural rights. Sexual behaviors are not rights. Should Mesa protect adulterers, BDSM advocates, and pedophiles, too?

  • A “religious liberty” exemption is not sufficient. LGBT non-discrimination ordinances invite vexatious lawsuits, which inevitably impinge on First Amendment Rights.

  • The city council can read MassResistance's book "The Health Hazards of Homosexuality" for more information:

Talking Points from Center For Arizona Policy

  • Fitness centers, water parks, public swimming pools, and similar facilities would have to allow all men identifying as women access to women’s showers, locker rooms, and bathrooms.

  • Women’s domestic violence shelters would be forced to allow a man identifying as a woman to share living quarters, showers, and bathrooms with vulnerable and abused women.

  • Sex-specific jobs like an employee at a women’s shelter could not be denied to a man identifying as a woman.

  • Faith-based adoption agencies would be forced to choose between placing children in same-sex households against their beliefs or closing down their adoption services.

  • Wedding vendors like cake bakers and florists would be forced to choose between their livelihood and their faith.

  • A religious bookstore would not be free to require all employees to adhere to their religious beliefs.

Talking Points From The Education Action Network

Troubling language in Mesa Cancel Culture Law:

Discriminate and Discrimination means to make any distinction with respect to any individual or individuals based on the actual or perceived race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, veteran's status, marital status, genetic information, or familial status of an individual except as required by federal or state law or court order.”

This law essentially states that delusion is on par with reality regarding:

race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, veteran's status, marital status, genetic information, or familial status”

Perceived race?

Perceived color?

Perceived ethnicity?

Perceived national Origin?

Perceived age?

Perceived disability?

Perceived religion?

Perceived sex?

Perceived sexual orientation?

Perceived gender?

Perceived gender identity?

Perceived veteran's status?

Perceived marital status?

Perceived genetic information?

Perceived or familial status?

The way this bill is written, All Civil Rights become irrelevant because anyone can be anything they want at anytime. Everyone would then be able to  choose  their identity based on whichever identity gives them the most government benefits. I could say “I am Black so I deserve programs reserved for Blacks only” even if I am, in reality, an Inuit. If someone says they are “non-binary” can they enter either a men's bathroom or a women's bathroom at will?

I could say I am a veteran and I deserve benefits reserved for veterans; even if I had never served in the military.

Would a census matter anymore? How would the Census Bureau be able to count up how many white, blacks, hispanics, etc. there are in order to decide how much federal funding for minorities should go to each state? A married man could apply for benefits reserved for single mothers. All the man has to do is say he believes he is a single mother. A grown man could molest a child with impunity because he perceives the child is an adult or he perceives HE is a child. Anyone could get away with almost any kind of crime by pretending they are something they are not.

Someone could kill Biden and claim they perceived he was Hitler (comparing Biden to Hitler may not be a stretch; perhaps a better example is required here).

Delusion has never been a protected class anywhere at any time; nor should it ever be.

Just because Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Silicon Valley in general want this insane change to our laws doesn't mean we have to do it. They have set up shop in a good community and should embrace the culture of that community rather than destroy that society.

What are Big-Tech companies up to anyway? What do they have to gain by pushing this on us?

Ponder that. It almost seems like they are trying to help our enemies. Who are our enemies?

Bathroom Chaos

Some businesses are trying to solve the bathroom controversy by creating single person, genderless bathrooms so anyone can go in alone and be anything they want without disturbing anyone else.

But the financial burden on businesses and society, because of this, is massive. It requires businesses to re-engineer all of their public restrooms to accommodate delusional people. What about large venues like convention halls and stadiums? The problem is multiplied many fold. These things are a drag (no pun intended) on society and our economy. They create unnecessary problems for everyone and unnecessary financial strain on businesses and other taxpayers.

The next big thing on the horizon is “Trans-species identity”. If someone perceives themselves to be a unicorn, for example (yes there is at least one troubled individual who claims this perception) what sort of bathroom facilities should we arrange for them? Where do animals relieve themselves? Yes, that's right, anywhere they want; at any time. Sounds like San Francisco and other “utopianist” cities doesn't it?

The Big Picture - The Very Real Danger

Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple are leading the  Cancel Culture  charge to cancel people who have a different political opinion than Silicon Valley or even common sense.

And, as we have seen with their recent actions, those on the Cancel Culture hitlist include; anyone who believes that a nation should be sovereign, Conservatives, Republicans, people of faith (except those adhering to the Religion of Leftism), whites, biological families and anyone who wishes to maintain the Constitution based on original intent; just to name a few.

Do such "Cancel Culture" laws undermine our nation? Of course they do. Our enemies are laughing at us because these types of laws make us weaker, and so, our enemies gain power over us.

      So, do Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Silicon Valley have more interest in pleasing our enemies or doing what is best for our country?

      Now, here is the scariest thing of all. Once someone has been "cancelled" by culture, it is a very short step to cancel them physically. Think about this.

How does China "cancel" people?

How does China "cancel" The Uighurs? 

How does China "cancel" Falun Dafa?

How does China cancel Christians or dissenters of any stripe?

How did Joseph Stalin "cancel" people?

How did Hitler "cancel" people?

Is this ordinance an attempt at Mass Cancellation?

Is this ordinance a dress rehersal for Mass Genocide?

The Patsies

What the homosexuals, Transvestites, other deviants and neo-Marxist activists may fail to realize is that their desire to “cancel” American culture will not benefit them, or anyone else, in the long run as they are just tools, patsies, in someone else's grand scheme. History has shown us that, in every case, the most brutal authoritarian oligarchs imaginable eventually come to power when these culture destroying agendas succeed. And, these patsies, sometimes called useful idiots, will be cast aside along with everyone else once the agenda comes to fruition. Freedom will be lost for everyone. The patsies will be very frustrated people because they will know that they helped to achieve the opposite of their intentions.

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