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Is Comprehensive Sexuality Education Developmentally Appropriate?


Proponents of comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) emphasize that CSE is developmentally appropriate. They are pushing for more radical sexualization indoctrination for younger children. The Arlington Parent Coalition outlines how developmentally INAPPROPRIATE comprehensive sex ed is to our children. They state, "It's imperative that parents and other decision-makers about children's education understand what appropriate sexual development really looks like."

As you view the chart, "you may notice a stark discrepancy between children's development stages and the material to which this radical ideology exposes them."

Click here to view the article and chart.

SOURCE: Protect Arizona Children Coalition (PACC)

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Comment by Roy Hagemyer on August 2, 2021 at 10:18am

In my day, we learned sex education in our freshman year of High school and most of us were mortified by what we heard and it was not really graphic at all.  How can anyone say this is a good things, other than to destroy young children,  I am absolutely appalled at what is happening to our nation, it is being destroyed by the leftists marxist communists, we must stand strong in the name of Jesus and not allow this to continue! 

Pastor Roy Hagemyer

Comment by Harry Mathews on August 2, 2021 at 3:11pm

Yes, Roy, the whole purpose is to destroy the family, destroy children and destroy the nation


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