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Jose Borrajero AFA 4-14-21


This material has been submitted by a parents/students rights group. The purpose is to encourage you, the people, to contact government officials and request that mandatory mask mandates be eliminated in all K-12 school environments. You may read the whole piece for information and reasons for this action, or you may want to read only the summary to obtain contact information.


Governor’s email:

Governor’s phone: (602) 542-4331

Dr. Christ’s email:

Dr. Christ’s phone: (602) 542-1025

Contact legislators via email:

Contact representatives via phone:

Contact senators via phone:


Ask Governor Ducey and Dr. Christ to " Unmask K-12 kids."  Make Masks Optional.   Contact AZ lawmakers to support this effort, too!

Background of AZ K-12 mask guidance:

Governor Ducey's Executive Order 2020-51 and Dr. Christ's AZ Dept of Health Svcs Order 2020-04 both call for K12 kids to be masked in school.

The original Opening AZ Schools Guidance stated once a county got to the lowest category ("green") that kids will be unmasked.  That guidance was quietly changed and now even if a county achieves ZERO covid cases, K-12 kids would still be masked.  (Another problem is it seems unlikely counties can achieve 0-9 cases/100k--the "green" status.)

We also know more about the spread of Covid and how it affects people.  Thankfully kids are largely spared severe physical effects of Covid. 

AZ businesses and AZ lawmakers are mask optional.  Kids deserve to be unmasked. 

  1. Contact Governor Ducey:

Select "I require assistance"  as your reason for contacting Gov Ducey

Fill out your name, email address, phone #, city, state, zip code, county

Under Subject:  "Pick Other"

Comments:  tell your story, tell your grand kids story, and/or use some of the facts below

  1. Email Dr.
  2.   AND/OR Call--

Governor Ducey  (602) 542-4331

Dr. Christ  (602) 542-1140

AZ Dept of Health (602) 542-1025


Spread of COVID


  • AZ K-12 teachers were prioritized to receive vaccines--they are protected from Covid
  • Kids are not super-spreaders
  • Kids are at lowest risk for adverse reactions to Covid
  • ZERO kids/young adults under 20 in Pima County have died from Covid.  In AZ, 28 people under 20 have died.  AZ doesn't provide covid data for children 0-17 years of age.
  • In AZ, anyone 16+ is eligible for vaccine. Millions of vaccine doses have been given.
  • High BMI (body mass index/obesity) advanced age 65+, and pre-existing conditions are what increase Covid risk
  • The efficacy of masks has never been established.  Masks are not PPE.  Efficacy for masks can't be proven especially when cases have risen/fallen in AZ at different times despite identical masking/mitigations.
  • Zero Covid is an unreasonable expectation given that other viruses have been present for decades.
  • Even with flu shots, flu has never been eradicated
  • Public Health has not recommended masking healthy people preCovid


Harm to children

  • AZ removed any pathway for K-12 kids to be unmasked even if a county has ZERO Covid cases
  • Kids are at greater risk of harm being driven to/from school than their risk from Covid
  • Many kids are in masks ALL day...even at recess and in after school in sports and activities
  • Flu harms/kills more kids than Covid YET we have never altered school and the lives of children with masking for flu
  • Kids are missing learning social cues:  90% of communication is non verbal.  Everyone's faces are 75% covered.
  • Young college women are saying they "hide" behind their masks and find comfort in avoiding young men who make unwelcoming comments 
  • Kids have lost special events, milestones, a lot of classroom time, and connecting with friends (Prom, Graduation, football games..)
  • Learning to read while masked is a challenge for our youngest learners
  • Masking special needs children limits learning
  • Not all children are able to express their fears and concerns about masks
  • Many schools in Europe have been open without masking students while their social distancing metric has been 3' the entire pandemic. For most of the past year, AZ kids have been masked and 6' social distanced IF/when their school opened.

 Ask AZ lawmakers to support this effort to encourage Governor Ducey and Dr. Christ to unmask K-12 kids and make masks optional

Contact lists: 

Use this list to email all House Republicans:

Use this list to email all Senate Republicans:


Use this list to email all House Democrats:

Use this list to email all Senate Democrats:


If you plan to call AZ lawmakers use these links:

All 60 AZ House Members


All 30 AZ Senate Members


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Comment by Karen Gevaert on April 14, 2021 at 9:30am

Some of us attended the "Un Mask K-12"  rally at the Capital.  We did petitions,  and parents came and signed the Ducey's petition.  It was a Good rally.  Young kids 6yr and younger spoke on wearing masks.  One young  gentleman took off his mask while in school, he was sent home!!!  Parents are now taking a stand, this I hope will spread throughout Az.  

Comment by Harry Mathews on April 15, 2021 at 9:43am

Glad to hear about the rally. At least some are standing up for right

Comment by Karen Gevaert on April 15, 2021 at 10:23am

I think Ducey is feeling the pressure with the petition drive.  We will be at the' Dana Park' to do petitions starting at 11am to 3pm.  Petitions for , Ducey, Hoffman, Hobbs, and board of supervisors.

Comment by Karen Gevaert on April 15, 2021 at 10:56am

Forgot. we will be at Dana Park Friday, 4/16/21  and Saturday 4/17/21  11am to 3pm.!!!


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