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A Six Step Guide to Getting Islam IMPOSED in Public School

I copied this from someone else's blog on ResistNet. She just got her latest copy of Education News online. It is a GLOBAL Leading News Source. I think we need to be reading this news source.

5.9.10 - If this guide shows us anything, it's what idiots they…


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Merrianne Geisdorf - Candidate for the Mesa Unified School District Governing Board

The following is my first political speech ever! I gave it at the LD19 meeting Thursday, June 17. It went over pretty well. I got a lot of signatures, a couple of requests for signs when I get them, and a nice donation for my campaign fund.…


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If you watched Glenn Beck tonight, you must have seen Janine Turner talking about her website It is WONDERFUL! The Federalist Papers are on there, the Constitution. I just barely looked at it, but it looks like a great source of information and fun not only for adults but for children of all ages. Her daughter Juliette is the National Youth Director. Please check it out! THIS is the kind of sites what we need to encourage kids and grandchildren to go to.

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Young Americans for Liberty


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