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AZ Merit Victory?

Just received a call from KIM HILGERS(??) She told me she has a position in the Superintendent's office for TUHSD. She said they are happy to let my daughter get a pass from the office to stay in the library while the test is going on and read quietly, or she may stay home without penalty.
I think it's a victory at least for my kid.
This contact from the Superintendent's office did say that while it might not be legal to make kids take it now, the local school…

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Brent Brown, Corona Del Sol principal threatens the educational career of his student

I sent a letter to my child's principal saying I was opting her out of the AZ Merit test. He replied back in such a way as to tell me she wasn't allowed to opt out and that I wasn't allowed to share this information with anyone.

here is the email he sent:


I want to respond to your e-mail and let you know that In light of the Attorney General's letter sent out to all educators, we do not offer opt-out options for the AZ Merit test or any mandatory achievement tests…


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university professor attacks pro-life teen

A teenage pro-life demonstrator who claims she was assaulted by a feminist studies professor at the University of California in Santa Barbara during a campus event this month told she is more determined than ever to protest…


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TEACHER IN PHILADEPHIA BUYS 50 Shades of Grey for 14 year old student

TEACHER IN PHILADEPHIA BUYS 50 Shades of Grey for  14 year old student

A Philadelphia mother wants her son’s high school teacher fired after he bought the teen the novel Fifty Shades of Grey for…


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War on Babies

War on Babies: Do Democrats and the Press Condone It?…


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Teacher with HIV has sex with boys


'Defendant used the school as a way to meet these children'

(HOMETOWNLIFE) — Canton sex offender Brandon Tomblin, a former Wayne Memorial High School teacher sentenced Friday to four to 20 years in prison for having sex with teenage male students, apologized in court…


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A libturd teacher with a perverted agenda in a public school, go figure




Texas School Punishes Boy for Opposing Homosexuality

By Todd Starnes


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Should teachers be paid more money?

Should Teachers be paid more? 

Education is what you study when you can’t get into anything else, and you don’t learn anything in it. What we really need is to hire teachers with real degrees in math, science and business. There should not even be an education MAJOR.

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After HHS Says Children are ‘Sexual Beings,’ Psychologists Push to Decriminalize Pedophilia



pyschology and psychiatry are evil religions based on self worship; therapy is man’s way of justifying sin. the same shrinks that think…


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I wonder if this was an IB Teacher?

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Big Government Back to School

Big Government Back to school by Sam Sorbo

This country was founded on the principle that God endowed human beings with equal rights (under the law), which is different and distinct from equality. We all experience a wonderful opportunity and great blessing to live in a country designed to reward more on merit than any other in history, but we denigrate that incredible distinction by promising… Continue

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"public" school advert!!

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John Stossel documentary on public school costs and performance

I found this link at Wintery Knight. Thinking it's running along the same lines as "The Cartel" mostly a bunch of clips from John regarding the cost of schools.

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They're doing it: U.N. makes its move into your school

FROM World Net Daily


They're doing it: U.N. makes its move into your school

Program already operating in hundreds of U.S. locations…


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Sex education for kindergarteners proposed in Helena, Montana

From Wintery Knight:

Sex education for kindergarteners proposed in Helena, Montana

Wintery Knight | 07/16/2010 at 6:00 PM | Tags: Barack Obama, Children, Democrat, Education, Family, Helena, Kevin Jennings, Left, Montana, Parental Authority, Parental Rights, Parenting, Public School, School, Secularism, Sex Education,…


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Thanks for those of you who showed up at the mesa schoolboard meeting in an attempt to convince the schyster politicians of the schoolboard that raising taxes would be a bad thing in this economy, but it wasn't enough. I guess I know where I WON'T be shopping or sending my kid to school, or buying a house.

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The Drudge report has a link to a New York Times article about how teachers at Normandy Crossing Elementary school outside of Houston have warped the test results to ensure monetary bonuses Link HERE

"The staff of Normandy Crossing Elementary School outside Houston eagerly awaited the results…


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Academia-Gate, Professors and academic professionals use postions to creat a biased view in students...well duh!

I found an article in Big Journalism ( ) about how they are using their positions to silence opposing view points. Not so sure this is a suprise though....

Academia-Gate at Big Journalism

"These so-called scholars have freely admitted, in… Continue

Added by shimauma on June 9, 2010 at 12:30pm — 3 Comments

I *HEART* The Phyllis Schlafly Report

I am a precinct committee-gal for LD 20 and they handed out these news bulletins from the Phyllis Schlafly report . As I read the bulletin, I realized here is another source of ammunition for our fight against International Baccalaureate seeing as her article was about UNESCO and UNESCO designed the same curriculum we are trying to get out of our schools. I think we should use every bit of info we can to make the MESA school district see they are…


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