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Philadelphia Teachers Organize 'Black Lives Matter Week'

January 26, 2017 

For Charlie McGeehan, it was a move inspired by a group of teachers on the other side of the country.

"In Seattle, 2,000 teachers from across the district wore Black Lives Matter shirts and raised that as a topic of conversation in their schools and engaged their students with on one day in October and we were inspired by that action," McGeehan…


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Camelback High School Invites ‘Social Justice Warrior’ Who Traumatized Children to Speak During Trump Inauguration

Posted January 17, 2017 19:07 by 

Arizona Informer has learned that Camelback High School has invited anti-American ‘social justice warrior’ Calvin Terrell to speak to students as an ‘alternative to watching the Trump inauguration’.

The letter Arizona Informer received (entire letter…


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ACTION: White Hatred Studies Are Back


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Bartlett Bunker 1-8-17

As you may know, President-elect Donald Trump has nominated a pro school choice supporter in his selection of Betsy DeVos!


If you are a parent, grandparent, a non-profit organization, a business, a school, an administrator, or someone who just cares about the quality of education our children receive, please consider submitting a letter in support of Secretary-Designate DeVos.  …


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K-12: The Land of Bad Science

Read more: 

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Feds: 12 Detroit principals stole $1M in kickback scheme

Detroit Free Press 3-31-16

In its latest crackdown on school corruption in Detroit,  the federal government today dropped a legal bomb on 12 current and former principals, one administrator and a vendor — all of them charged with running a nearly $1-million bribery and kickback scheme involving school supplies that were rarely ever delivered.

At the heart of the alleged scheme is businessman Norman Shy, 74, of Franklin,  who is accused of paying $908,500 in kickbacks and…


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Bob Worsley's Anti-Parent Votes

Gilbert Watch 7-26-16

You will find this statement on Legislative District 25 incumbent Senator Bob Worsley’s website:  “Family has defined my life..”  How nice…..for him and his family.  But he has no respect for your family, or your fundamental liberty as a parent to “direct the upbringing, education, health care, and mental health of your children.”  This God-given…


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America's Biggest Scandal

Patriot Post July 20, 2016 Arnold Ahlert

On Monday night, Hillary Clinton attacked GOP vice presidential candidate Mike Pence, calling him “one of the most hostile politicians in America when it comes to public education.” Give Clinton credit for one thing: She clearly recognizes the single greatest threat to progressive hegemony is well-educated Americans. That’s exactly why the Democrat-educrat alliance will attack anything that threatens their de facto monopoly control of public…


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Colleges Churning out Hillary Clones

July 15, 2016 The Report Card

(Editor: Campus radical grievance groups have a special place for women’s studies. The Department of Women’s Studies at the University of Maryland (UMD) already includes 11 core faculty and more than 80 affiliate faculty. “We have grown from 232 students in 3 courses in 1971 to over 1,366 students enrolled in Women’s Studies and LGBT courses for…


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164 School Board Seat Vacancies In Maricopa County Alone! 14 Positions with NO CANDIDATES!

[NOTE FROM EAN EDITOR: This is very important information, but don't be fooled by the tone of this statement from Covey. He is correct that there are many school board seats available and MUST be filled with REAL Republicans who respect the principles and platform of the Republican party and not just politicians with an "R" beside their names; who are a fraud.

Unfortunately, Covey…


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1957 vs 2016

Posted by Arizona Freedom Alliance on June 15, 2016 

[Editor: this would be funny as a spoof except it's all too…


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A College Board Votes to NOT Raise Taxes; In Other News, Snow Expected In Hell Today

Eastern Arizona College Board vote
Don Carter 
With concern for their stewardship, the EAC Board of Directors voted last Wednesday, the 15th, and to protect those who elected them to the School Board by not raising Property taxes!
It appears for the first time in many years that EAC Board members did some due diligence and saw that raising…

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Liberal Professors Outnumber Conservative Faculty 5 to 1. Academics Explain Why This Matters

Natalie Johnson /  / January 14, 2016 The Signal

Professors in higher education have become notably more liberal during the past 25 years, according to a recent study, and academics predict that the trend isn’t likely to slow any time soon.

During the…


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John McCain is running for the Senate again. He will undoubtedly give us the same empty rhetoric he has for 34 years. Why “empty” you ask? Let’s look at the results we are left with after his never ending series of promises over the years.  His tenacious efforts, “hard work” and “fighting for us” have left us with:

  1. Our least prepared military defense on 70 years although he chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee;*
  2. $18,000,000,000,000.00 in debt and…

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Failure The Federal Misedukation of America’s Children by Vicki E. Alger

Wrtten by Vicki E. Alger of Mommy Lobby

Pre-Order here:

A comprehensive account and frank assessment of federal involvement in education is long overdue. Education policy expert Vicki E. Alger remedies this deficiency with her forthcoming…


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Beautiful Letter from an Arizona Teacher to Her Students

Gilbert Watch April 22, 2016

Among the horror stories of teachers and local school administrators who intimidate, lie to, and bully their students are stories like this one.  Rusdon Ray shared the following letter that his young son received from his teacher.  According to Mr. Ray, "This letter was written by his good teacher who clearly recognizes…


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Sen. Allen calls for schools to respect parents over assessment concerns

Gilbert Watch April 22, 2016

(Phoenix, State Capitol)---Senator Sylvia Allen today urged local school leaders and administrators to work with parents, be respectful and not retaliate against a student for choices that parent may make.

It is that time of year again when Arizona schools are administering the statewide assessment to our students, also known as AzMERIT.  Unfortunately, another legislative session is coming…


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The Schools' War on Arizona's Children: Part 3 Emotional Child Abuse

Gilbert Watch April 23, 2016

As stated in Part 1 and Part 2, even though Arizona…


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