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A student was suspended for staying in class during "walk out" political protest


"An Ohio high school student has found himself at the center of political controversy after an online post about his suspension for staying in class during the national student school walkout went viral." ~Washington Post…


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What's Up With All The School Shootings?

[EAN Editor: Once upon a time in America, gun racks in pickup trucks were common place and of no concern to anyone. Fast forward to 2018: increased violence in society has only lead to more restrictions of personal freedoms. Clearly as we lose our personal freedoms, and consequentially, any sense of personal responsibility, we lose any sense of right and wrong. Today, schools teach "moral relativity" and God is forbidden in the classroom. The problem with school violence is the schools…


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Homeschooling: Restoring Parents’ Right to Raise Their Children as God Intended

"The Bigotry of Low Expectations"

Mar 16, 2017 by 

By Lloyd Marcus –

I am a black Tea Party guy — speaker, singer, activist, and prolific writer. I became exposed to and educated about home-schooled kids while traveling the country on fourteen Tea Party national…


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How To Give AZ Teachers A $10,000 Raise Instantly Without Higher Taxes



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Tentative AZ Budget Agreement Reached [In Pictures]


The Arizona Legislature and the Governor appear to have reached an agreement on the budget On Tuesday, the Joint Legislative Budget Committee release the plan, which includes a small raise for teachers.

Today, the Appropriations…


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Brahm Resnick: Covering For Gangster Government Since 1992 (at LEAST)


Brahm Resnik is a 12 News anchor and reporter who hosts "Sunday Square Off," the 12 News political roundtable show every Sunday at 8am. He has more than 25 years of journalism experience in television and newspapers.



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Trump Signs Executive Order on Education Reform

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary…

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Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signs voucher bill


Associated Press

PHOENIX (AP) - Republican Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has signed a major school voucher expansion bill that will extend eligibility to all 1.1 million state schoolchildren despite vehement opposition from Democrats who believe it will undercut public education and cost taxpayers untold millions of dollars.

"When parents have more choices, kids win," Ducey tweeted after the House and Senate barely…


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Voucher Bill Passed By Ducey

April 9, 2017

Marxo-Fascist Brahm Resnik grills Debbie Lesko about the need for more raises for government employees. Ever get the feeling he has friends in the Edu-Cartel? Hey, these days, the power is in the hands of those who betray the public trust. Just keep the cash flow flowing to the gangsters who siphon off billions from the taxpayers and claim "it's for the teachers". Brahm seems to have friends in low places; or high places; depending on how you look at…


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Posted by Jose Borrajero on April 7, 2017 Arizona Freedom Alliance


Read carefully the last three communications from one of the most virulent education pimp organizations. If this does not convince you that we must engage every time we receive an alert, nothing will.…


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Betsy DeVos: An Education Leader with One Big Idea

by DAN CURRELL January 26, 2017 4:00 AM

Betsy DeVos is the focused campaigner American schools need. Big institutions aren’t easy to change, and American public education is big: Over 3 million teachers were employed in American public schools in 2016. Walmart, the world’s largest employer, has 1.4 million U.S. employees; the American military has 1.3 million people on active duty. Since American public education needs to change, as everyone seems to agree,…


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Arizona Considers the Nation’s First Universal School-Choice Program


A bill that would expand state-funded education savings accounts could land on Governor Doug Ducey’s desk as early as this week. Arizona could soon become the first state in the nation to institute a universal school-choice program. And because the state already has a successful, but more limited, program in place — a funding system that has been expanded several times over the last few years — there is a…


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These high school journalists investigated a new principal’s credentials. Days later, she resigned

[Wouldn't it be interesting if our local high school students did this? I suspect many of our administrators would soon be out of a job]

The Washington Post April 5, 2017 By Samantha Schmidt

Connor Balthazor, 17, was in the middle of study hall when he was called into a meeting with his high school newspaper adviser.

A group of reporters and editors from the student newspaper, the…


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Pearson Islamic Textbooks in American Schools, Part II

Arizona Freedom Alliance 4-3-17

[Editor: Our article on Pearson Textbook Co was read by a non-AFA member expert on what is going on in our schools today.  We received the comment below and felt it needed it's own page to help all of us understand the gravity of the situation. Parents & Grandparents: please do not put your kids in private schools.  Instead, find a top notch charter school with a staff that understands the situation and does not teach to the indoctrination program.…


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Pearson’s Libyan Ownership and Islam-Biased Textbooks

March 22, 2017 By Bill Korach ;


According to the “Financial Times” a publication owned by Pearson,The Sovereign fund of Libya initially took a 3.27 per cent stake in Pearson.…


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The Lord's Prayer... For Public School

3-15-17 Thanks to Glen Frakes for forwarding this


Now I sit me down in school 

Where praying is against the rule   

For this great nation under God   

Finds mention of Him very odd.   


If scripture now the class recites,   

It violates the Bill of Rights.   

And anytime my head I bow   



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Students asked to sign document not to talk about test questions

Are you outraged? Do you have the right to know what questions your school is asking your child?

By Wanda Moore  WPTV West Palm Beach 

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - Brielle Rivera from Boynton Beach is outraged that her 10-year-old daughter Annabelle was asked to sign a document at her school saying she is not allowed to talk to anyone about questions in the Florida Standard Assessment writing…


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Rep. Massie Introduces Bill HR 899 to Abolish Federal Department of Education

February 9, 2017 Arizonans Against Common Core

Common Core Fighters,

HR 899 was introduced this week in Congress which would abolish the federal Department of Education. The bill, which is one sentence states, "The Department of Education shall terminate on December 21, 2018."(…


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Meet The Opposition

Arizona Freedom Alliance

Posted by Jose Borrajero on February 11, 2017 at 5:45am in AZ Legislation

AZRRT was created in an effort to provide a response to the activities of various liberal, leftists and Marxist organizations that have been moving our state from solid red to light…


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Philadelphia Teachers Organize 'Black Lives Matter Week'

January 26, 2017 

For Charlie McGeehan, it was a move inspired by a group of teachers on the other side of the country.

"In Seattle, 2,000 teachers from across the district wore Black Lives Matter shirts and raised that as a topic of conversation in their schools and engaged their students with on one day in October and we were inspired by that action," McGeehan…


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