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October 2014 Blog Posts (23)

Diane Douglas Against Common Core

Diane Douglas has opposed the very expensive, inferior, top-down Common Core initiative that has been put in gradually over  years.  This involves inferior teaching methods, excessive testing of young children, private  data collecting on families (over 400 data tracking items involved) and now it appears from the supporters of Common Core it also includes Charter Schools that were supposed to be exempt by waivers from government rules and…


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Wes Harris Recommendations For School Boards Elections

9-13-14 EAC


Over 40% of our State's budget goes to funding public education.  As noted before, this money is being grossly mismanaged.  There are two ways you can stop this.  The first is by attending your local school governing board meetings and getting involved.  A…

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Harvard Students: US Greater Threat to World than ISIS

Caleb Bonham

10 October 2014 The Report Card

(Editor: Caleb Bonham of Campus reform conducted a number of interviews with Harvard students. Bonham asked whether ISIS or America was a greater threat to…


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Florida School Vouchers a Success: So Teacher’s Unions Attack

24 October 2014 The Report Card

(Editor: As more and more public schools fail their students, many parents and their children are looking for choice outside the public school system. Choice can come in the form of charter schools, public schools that operate…


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Yale Professor: Patriotism Must be Taught in School

29 September 2014 The Report Card

Professor Donald Kagan Yale University

(Editor: Yale history Professor Donald Kagan Ph.D, is an important name among historians, and he believes that anti-Americanism in America’s K-12 and…


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Forget Ebola, Protect us from latex!


Due to two students' latex allergy

October 20, 2014 Citizens Watchdog

I arrived at the Harbor Springs High School, earlier this month, to do my regular lap swim…


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Huppenthal May Have Violated Campaign Finance Law

October 16, 2014 Arizona Daily Independent

"On Wednesday, the head of the Arizona Clean Elections Commission said he believed that Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal may have violated campaign finance law. Two separate complaints were filed with the commission by lawyers representing the Arizona Democratic Party and Linda Brickman a constitutional conservative, against Huppenthal for using Department of Education Resources for his Republican Primary…


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95% of NY Teachers Rated Above Average, But Half of Students Not Proficient

2 October 2014 The Report Card

Editor: How is it possible that 95% of NY teachers are rated “highly effective” or “effective,” yet over half of the students are not proficient in math and English. Welcome to the Alice in Wonderland world of public…


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Fitzhugh: Emphasize Student Responsibility

10-21-14 The Report Card

Will Fitzhugh Publisher The Concord Review

(Editor: The entire conversation about education these days is what the Department of…


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Educrats Abdicate Discipline in School, Now They Call the Cops

October 22, 2014 The Report Card

(Editor: In 2012, 265,000 student were reported to the police by school administrators. Many were arrested for minor infractions such as having a pocketknife. When your editor was in school, practically every boy carried a pocketknife, and if…


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New Report: Only 18% of Colleges Require US History, 3% Economics

17 October 2014 The Report Card

images   By Bill Korach


A majority of U.S. college graduates don’t know the length of a congressional term, what the Emancipation Proclamation was, or which Revolutionary War general led the American troops at Yorktown.

The reason for…


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Calculus Made Easy by Jim Fowler, "The King of Calculus"

10-14-14 Gilbert Watch A special thank you to Barry Jackson, recreational mathematician, for introducing Jim Fowler to Gilbert Watch.  

The course Calculus One by Jim Fowler from Ohio State University will be offered free of charge to everyone on the Coursera platform. Sign up at …


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Sylvia Allen's Views on Education

Gilbert Watch 10-15-14

Views on Education


I believe Arizona has a good education system, but like most things, there is room for improvement. My children all went to public schools and universities and went on to become successful adults.

I believe that parents are responsible for the education of their children.  I believe that public district schools, public charter, private, and home…


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James Candland Win Endorsement Of LD12 Republican Party

10-17-14 EAN Editor

Last night, at the regular monthly meeting of the LD12 Republican Party, the LD12 Precinct Committeemen voted overwhelmingly to endorse James Candland for the EVIT (East Valley Institute of Technology) Governing Board. Also endorsed at the meeting were Rebecca Jarman and Michelle Anderson for Higley School Board; and Ron Bellus and Dawn Brimhall For Gilbert Public Schools Governing Board. There are 2 positions open in both the Gilbert and Higley School Board…


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Gilbert Watch Endorses James Candland For EVIT Board

10-4-14 Gilbert Watch

James Candland is the conservative candidate for the EVIT (East Valley Institute of technology) Board I am supporting. EVIT receives and spends hundreds of million of dollars per year. We need someone on the Board who will protect your taxes, and James Candland will do just that.

Please join me in supporting James Candland for re-election to the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) Governing Board,…


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Professor introduces brand new course on conservative political theory to public university

Cameron SaucierNorth Carolina Campus Correspondenton Oct 01, 2014 at 3:36 PM EDT

  • The course, offered at Eastern Carolina University, focuses on the intellectual history of American conservative thought.
  • Nancy Spalding, an associate…

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Middle schoolers earn gift cards for tax payer funded sex ed course

Maggie Lit

Maggie LitReporteron Oct 15, 2014 at 11:09 AM EDT
  • The University of Hawaii spent $52K on gift…

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Diane Douglas Discusses her Plans as Arizona's Superintendent of Public Instruction

Gilbert Watch 10-12-14

Click HERE to see the video of this interview with Diane Douglas.  

Douglas says it's very important to get education right because it's one of the most important things we do as a society.

"I see the direction…


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A coaching model of teaching

October 9, 2014 by Amelia Hamilton Citizen Watchdog

n Detroit, parents have a lot of difficult realities to face. Fortunately, the poor educational system is not one of those realities, because Detroit offers families school choice. One of these choice schools, located seven miles outside of Detroit,…


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