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Yes, Virginia, There Is A Free Lunch

Somewhere in China there is a parent telling their child "Eat Your vegetables! We have to loan money to Americans for their free lunch program!"

The summer meal program continues at several East Valley school district campuses.

The program is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture. Free breakfast and lunch are available to all children 18 and younger.

The meal program ends prior to classes starting for the new school… Continue

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The Cartel in front of the Texas legislature

It's time that our state legislature watch this movie (as if they didn't already know what is going on).

Last January, The Cartel screened at the Texas Public Policy Foundation in Austin, as part of the 8th Annual Policy Orientation for the Texas Legislature. After the screening director Bob Bowdon weighed in on the widespread problem in our school systems and why it is imperative that…


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Why the left hates conservatives

Why the left hates conservatives by Dennis Prager

Perhaps the most telling of the recent revelations of the liberal/left Journolist, a list consisting of about 400 major liberal/left journalists, is the depth of their hatred of conservatives. That they would consult with one another to protect candidate and then President Obama and hurt Republicans is unfortunate and ugly. But what is jolting is the hatred of conservatives, as exemplified by the e-mail from an NPR reporter… Continue

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Prosecutor Warns Districts About New Sex Ed Law

In a letter sent to five Wisconsin school districts, prosecutor Scott Southworth warned that a new sex ed law could lead to criminal charges against teachers for contributing to the delinquency of minors.

Wisconsin schools aren't required to offer sex ed courses, but those that do must now include instruction on how to use condoms and birth control pills. Southworth contends the law "turns objective instruction" into "implicit encouragement and advocacy" by going beyond the effects of… Continue

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Annual report ranks Arizona 39th in child well-being

Arizona has seen a 19 percent decrease in child deaths, but nearly 21 percent of children are living in poverty, according to a national study released Tuesday that looks at children's issues across the country.…


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Va senator calls for ending diversity programs

By BOB LEWIS, AP Political Writer Bob Lewis, Ap Political Writer

RICHMOND, Va. – Virginia Sen. Jim Webb called for ending government-run diversity programs in a newspaper column Friday, saying they have disadvantaged struggling whites and hurt the cause of racial harmony.

Webb wrote an op-ed column in Friday's Wall Street Journal that said a "plethora of government-enforced diversity policies have marginalized many white workers. The time has come to cease the false arguments and… Continue

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Redirect your Arizona State Tax Dollars

One way you can do something about this today to decrease their funding is to redirect your Arizona state income tax dollars to the school + charity of your choosing. These charter/religious schools are not unionized and produce successful students because their focus is on the student. Their product is tied to their income, so they have to be accountable!

Catholic Charities



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Spenders hatch plot to raise taxes

It takes a 2/3 majority vote in the Arizona Legislature to raise taxes. The public education spending lobby, frustrated by their inability to get the necessary votes, hatched a devious plan to get them.

You see, their plan is to cross the tax hike threshold by planting DIDs (Democrats in Disguise) in a few heavily Republican districts. Voters will be duped into thinking they are voting for a Republican fiscal conservative and then…..

Surprise! These same people will vote YES on… Continue

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Our Corrupt Schools

Gary Bray

Jesus said to them, “If God were your Father, you would LOVE me, for I came from God and now am here. I have not come on my own; but he sent me. John 8:42

The overwhelming corruption inside the school system has led the Bloodhounds straight to Blogovich. This trial is completely surrounded by the Chicago machine and the corruption of our socialist edoctrination system. The school system has been completely corrupted by the Teachers Unions and their pension plans that the Pay… Continue

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A Tale of Two Meetings

On Tuesday July 6, a number of concerned residents attended a “Truth in Taxation” meeting at the GUSD Governing Board room in Gilbert. In attendance to speak out against raising our property taxes were: Anita Christy, Tim Naquin, Eddie Price, Glen Frakes, TJ Fantechi, Shane Stapley, Pam Stevenson, several others and myself. All in all there were about 20 there to protest raising property taxes.

The presentation by the school board was informative and specific giving full descriptions and… Continue

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Shane Stapley, Gilbert resident and constitutional authority, is running for President of the Gilbert Unified School District Governing Board!! We need to do everything we can to get him elected. The current President of the GUSD Governing Board has proclaimed "We are not taxed enough!" Needless to say we must do everything in our power to get rid of this ____________ (insert your adjective). If you can walk for…


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Deficiencies in Public Education-Must read for Parents with children in public schools

July 17, 2010 09:17 PM EDT

(Yes, this is the product of the public school system, please read and see the stuff our children and grandchildren are learning, and please be a monitor of your childrens education.)

Deficiencies in Public Education

I am a product of Illinois public schools. I was raised in the Wheaton area and attended public schools for 14 years, including a four-year degree at a public university. I paid attention in class. I studied. I got good grades. I…


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REPORT: MUSD "Truth in Taxation" Meeting on July 13, 2010

I am sad to say that we had a different outcome in Mesa than we did at the Gilbert meeting. I was not surprised because we have interacted with that group before. Here is what happened on Tuesday July 13:

About 15 – 20 people showed up to protest the tax increase. I think that 6 people spoke or about half of the number that spoke in Gilbert. Those who spoke included TJ Fantechi, Eddie Cook, Randy Hatch, a couple others and myself.

The meeting was not held in the public Governing… Continue

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Sex education for kindergarteners proposed in Helena, Montana

From Wintery Knight:

Sex education for kindergarteners proposed in Helena, Montana

Wintery Knight | 07/16/2010 at 6:00 PM | Tags: Barack Obama, Children, Democrat, Education, Family, Helena, Kevin Jennings, Left, Montana, Parental Authority, Parental Rights, Parenting, Public School, School, Secularism, Sex Education,…


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Four New Education Reform Films

USA Today writes about The Cartel

The Cartel has been recognized by the …

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Thanks for those of you who showed up at the mesa schoolboard meeting in an attempt to convince the schyster politicians of the schoolboard that raising taxes would be a bad thing in this economy, but it wasn't enough. I guess I know where I WON'T be shopping or sending my kid to school, or buying a house.

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New Kids Game: Dodge Bullet

Mexico's drug violence leads schools to teach students to dodge bullets

MEXICO CITY - Schools across Mexico are teaching students to dive to the floor and cover their heads as urban gunfights between drug gangs multiply in the violence-torn country.

At least nine shootouts have erupted in school zones since mid-October, three of them in the past month. On June 15, soldiers and gunmen battled for an hour just 60 feet from a preschool in the central town of Taxco.

Several… Continue

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Education Action Committee kills tax!!!


On Tuesday night July 6, 2010 the Gilbert Public Schools Governing Board voted down a proposed $400,000 increase to the Adjacent Ways budget. They decided to lead the way in fiscal responsibility for East Valley school governing boards. They listened to reason-all except for the President of the school board Thad Stump who proclaimed, “We are not taxed enough!”

Many thanks to The Education Action Committee members who turned out to make the case for fiscal… Continue

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White House vs. Boy Scouts, Part 3

by Chuck Norris

In parts 1 and 2, I discussed a series of evidences regarding how President Barack Obama is leading the White House pack in distancing his administration from the Boy Scouts of America via delaying Eagle Scout certificate signings, denying the invitation to go to the BSA's 100th anniversary gala, downplaying his acceptance of BSA's honorary presidency, dodging official White House communications about the BSA, not defending the BSA against…


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Cartels use (American) kids to bring drugs across United States-Mexico border

On May 9, a 15-year-old girl walked into Arizona through the San Luis port of entry, near Yuma, with 5 pounds of marijuana strapped around her belly.

She got busted by Customs and Border Protection officers.

Later that same day, a 16-year-old boy tried the same thing with 2 pounds of cannabis taped to his legs. He, too, was arrested.

The marijuana, with a combined street value of $72,000, was confiscated.

The juveniles - both U.S. citizens - were turned over to… Continue

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