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April 2014 Blog Posts (20)

Tempe Union High School District is keeping its attorney busy

It is not news that the Tempe Union High School District's Sex Ed Committee has ignored and marginalized the majority of citizens who have spoken against comprehensive (anything goes, break up the family) sex education in their schools.


Next week we will see if the TUHSD Board will ignore the possibility of two lawsuits if it decides to adopt the FLASH (Planned Parenthood recommended) curriculum.  The district is currently playing with fire on two fronts:  The first is a…


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The Verdict in Tempe

PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND:  May 7, 2014  7PM Compadre High School  500 W. Guadalupe Rd. Tempe (NW corner of Guadalupe and Kyrene)

The Tempe Union High School Board will give its thumbs up or down to the FLASH (Planned Parenthood sex ed curriculum) which was recommended by its Sex Ed Committee.

It is important that those opposed to this curriculum or any comprehensive (anything goes, agenda driven) sex ed curriculum attend this meeting.  If you feel inclined, please sign a card to…


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Tempe High Schools are now in the marriage prep business

Is the Tempe Union High School District Sex Education Committee trying to make itself relevant?  As they see more and more families choosing alternatives to public schools, do the members feel TUHSD must be the jack-of-all-trades to attract students?


Traditionally, couples who are planning to marry contacted their clergy and/or family members for their preparations.  If the FLASH (Planned Parenthood) Sex Ed curriculum is chosen on May 7, 2014, the students will be prepared…


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Schools That Work: New York’s Success Academies

07 April 2014 The Report Card

(Editor: Success Academy Charter School opened its doors in Harlem in 2006, and now has 6700 students enrolled at 22 schools. Their self proclaimed mission:

“We prepare scholars to succeed in college and in…


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Classical Charters Significantly Outperform Public Schools in STEM

23 April 2014 The Report Card

By Bill Korach

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is the latest buzz word in education. American students  are falling far behind developed nations in STEM. According to the Organization for Economic…


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TUHSD Sex Ed Committee videos should be available now for viewing.

Sorry all, this technology stuff has been a challenge to learn.  But it's been a team effort--thanks to everyone who has helped and who has spoken up to defend our kids, despite the fact the Committee has turned many deaf ears.


Stay tuned!

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The Concord Review: A Bright Star in the Black Hole of U.S. Education

21 April 2014 The report Card

(Editor: Will Fitzhugh, who Report Card readers will know as a frequent contributor to these columns, publishes The Concord Review. The Concord Review is distributed quarterly, and contains arguably the best…


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Planned Parenthood is cool in TUHSD, but not Catholics

I'm not sure who picked the Tempe Union High School Sex Ed committee members and why. 


Angie Thornton asks why the public is concerned that Planned Parenthood may be entering TUHSD through its health classes.  Well, maybe because on January 7, 2014 the committee allowed 90 minutes for Ms. Vicki Hadd-Wisler, Planned Parenthood's educational arm, to present three curriculums.  Ms. Thornton can read the minutes if she doesn't remember the presentation she…


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WARNING--Content may be acceptable curriculum in Tempe High Schools, but sit down before viewing, without your children present.

During the Tempe Union High School Sex Ed committee meeting on April 14, 2014, the committee voted to recommend FLASH (supported by Planned Parenthood) to the Board for approval.  A common theme stated by many of the members is FLASH's content is "comprehensive."  Remember the word comprehensive.  It sounds complete, thorough, factual.  But when school administrators discuss Comprehensive Sex Education, it really means anything goes. 


One committee member decided there just…


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Teacher simulated orgasm, gave massages


Christine Jane Kirchner

April 15, 2014 by Dr. Richard Swier

Ms. Christine Jane Kirchner is a language arts teacher at Coral Reef Senior High School, Miami-Dade public schools. Ms. Kirchner in 2008 was appointed by the Miami-Dade School Board to the …


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Planned Parenthood in the Churches AND the PTA!

Isn't it interesting that Planned Parenthood's next stop to corrupt Arizona's children is Yuma?  They have a high minority population.........Oh, yes, I remember now.  Margaret Sanger started Planned Parenthood to eliminate minorities.  Yuma wins!


This time Planned Parenthood isn't just targeting schools, they are taking aim at churches and PTA leaders.  Spread the wealth!


Think-->PTA.  What age groups do most PTAs serve?  Most active PTAs are in elementary…


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ABOUT: Diane Douglas - Candidate For AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction

Diane Douglas for AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction

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Fake Charter Schools Survive Until 2015

4-10-14 Americans For Prosperity via email

Several of the "charter schools" sponsored by school districts are abusing the chartering process in order to double-dip from taxpayer funds - taking state charter funds while continuing to use local property tax money.  But these fake charters fail to operate under the independent management and market accountability of real charter schools.  The legislative budget includes $24.5 million dollars for such schools, which is less than…


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Yale Student Told To Eat More Or Leave

Unhealthy or simply skinny? Yale student shares BMI ordeal 



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Bible Clubs Growing in Public Schools

4-9-14 Ryan Duncan Christian Headlines

In the small town of New Bethlehem, PA, over half the student body of Redbank Valley High School meet once a week for Bible club. The club is overseen by Joe Harmon, who believes these after-school meetings not only teach students that the Bible can be fun, but also inject much needed hope into the community.According to CBN…


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20 injured in knife attack at Franklin Regional High School

April 9, 2014 8:12 AM Pittsburgh Post Gazette

By Molly Born and Mary Niederberger / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Twenty people were injured -- four seriously -- in multiple stabbings this morning inside Franklin Regional Senior High School in Murrysville. Most of the injured were students.

A witness said the male suspect, a student, was tackled by assistant principal Sam King. 

Westmoreland County public safety…


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Pakistan's Christian Schools Thrive Under Support of Muslim Leaders

Kaitlyn Speer World News Service | Thursday, April 03, 2014

Pakistan's Christian Schools Thrive Under Support of Muslim Leaders

Murree Christian School sits at over 7,000 feet in elevation in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. A former hill station run by Anglicans in Pakistan, just above…


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Report to Veterans on the State of U.S. Education: A Preview

April 2, 2014 The Report Card

Dr. Peter Wood, President National Association of Scholars

Dr. Peter Wood, President National Association of Scholars

Editor: The highly respected National Association of Scholars is preparing the report to alert veterans that the liberty and principles they fought for is…


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NY Mayor Rebuked on Charter School Opposition

April 3, 2014 The Report Card

(Editor: In a stunning reversal, Mayor de Blasio, who ran on a pledge to the Teacher’s Union to shut down charter schools, was rebuked by fellow Democrat Gov. Cuomo and the NY State Legislature. Minority parents took…


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Truth Brings Clarity

Who knew a 12-year old could bring the Tempe High School/Planned Parenthood agenda full circle?

Recently, the following testimony was witnessed at a 40 Days for Life prayer vigil at the Tempe Planned Parenthood facility:

**We never Know how God will work through us.  But, you can be sure that your willingness to speak the truth brings clarity to many of our young people.  My Church was doing sign ups all weekend to sponsor a full day of prayer in front of the Tempe Planned…


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