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April 2010 Blog Posts (11)

Taxpayers Misled about Real Costs of Public Schools

The amount Americans spend on education has risen dramatically and consistently over the past century, with a 25% increase in per-student costs between 1995 and 2005, even after adjusting for inflation. In fact, public education spending accounted for more than a third of state general funds in 2007, according to the National Association of State Budget Officers.…


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I *HEART* The Phyllis Schlafly Report

I am a precinct committee-gal for LD 20 and they handed out these news bulletins from the Phyllis Schlafly report . As I read the bulletin, I realized here is another source of ammunition for our fight against International Baccalaureate seeing as her article was about UNESCO and UNESCO designed the same curriculum we are trying to get out of our schools. I think we should use every bit of info we can to make the MESA school district see they are…


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Teachers brainwashing students over ballot initiatives

A number of parents have complained to me in recent days about teachers insisting that students go home and try to convince their parents to vote for prop 100 and prop 406 (new taxes) because the teachers believe the taxes will affect their jobs and income.

Parents have also complained that the student are assigned to write reports on why people should vote for higher taxes. These Alinsky style tactics are designed to undermine the family and the Republlic. THIS MUST NOT… Continue

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DA's sex ed warning befuddles Wis. teachers, kids

Since so called "Sex Ed" began being taught in public schools, sex related issues with children have only gotten much worse which leads one to the obvious conclusion that "Sex Ed" contributes to the delinquency of minors. It is the parents job to teach children about sex PERIOD! If we don't put a stop to this scheme by Marxist atheists we can say goodbye Liberty and hello baseless Godless chaos.

DA's sex ed warning befuddles Wis. teachers,…


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Bill: 8th-graders must pass U.S. civics test

Howard Fischer, Capitol Media Services

April 5, 2010 - 6:04PM

Students who don’t know key elements of U.S. history and civics may be bound to repeat eighth grade.

Legislation approved Monday by the House Education Committee would require students to get a passing grade on a test composed of questions from the same examination that the U.S. government requires before someone can become a citizen.

Bill would give students early diploma… Continue

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EVTP - April 20 Presentation Preparation

Hi all,

We need to prepare for the Education Presentation at the East Valley Tea Party meeting on April 20.

  • Cheryl Kacy has volunteered to speak for 1 minute on Breakfast in public schools and 1 minute on unions
  • I (Harry) would like to speak about the ASU School of Social Transformation (2 minutes) and the New Global Citizens (1 minute)
  • I would like to ask TJ to speak for about 3 minutes on the IB
  • I have two short videos i would like to…

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The Education Mafia

The Education Mafia

by Samuel L. Blumenfeld

This is taken from Samuel's book, N.E.A. - Trojan Horse in American Education

Creating an Education Establishment

6. The Education Mafia

When Dewey came to Columbia in 1904, at the invitation of James McKeen Cattell, the university and its Teachers College became the undisputed training center for the new scientifically based "progressive" education. Its graduates fanned out across America to become deans and professors… Continue

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The Rest of the Girl Scout Story

(From Sharon Slater of Family Watch International)

So who is telling the truth? Is it me or the Girl Scouts? I say I picked up the highly graphic and vulgar “Healthy, Happy, and Hot” booklet published by…


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The Arizona Education Freedom Act

To all Arizona citizens,

I am sending this to you today in order to start a debate for a state

constitutional ammendment that would protect school children from the public

school system. Our children are not lab rats and should not be treated as



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Do You Want Men Dressed As Women Teaching Your Kids?

March 31, 2010 Do you want men dressed as women teaching your kids? Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi are trying to make that happen when Congress votes on the so-called Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).



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Parent Blows Whistle on Teacher Promotion of Obama Internship


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