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February 2014 Blog Posts (30)

Chicago public schools to begin teaching sex-ed in kindergarten, will include same-sex relationships

By The Right Scoop  on Aug 30, 2013

This is outrageous and something Obama has always supported:

CNS NEWS – The Chicago Public Schools this year are mandating that the district’s kindergarten classes include sex education, fulfilling a proposal President Barack Obama supported in 2003 when he served in the Illinois state senate and later…


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Whose Child is She, Anyway?

26 February 2014 The Report Card

Unknown-15.jpeg (300×168)

Pelletier Family of West Hartford, CT

by Bill Korach

There is a growing attitude on the part of government bureaucrats that YOUR child is really THEIR child. The frightening case of the Pelletier family of West Hartford, CT is illustrative of the “It Takes a Village” attitude of the bureaucracy. The Massachusetts…


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Reflections on TUHSD from Jason Walsh, Executive Director of Arizona Right to Life

When and Where: The meeting will be on 3-3-14, 4:30PM at the Tempe Historical Society.
Update and analysis: The last meeting of the Sex Ed. Committee (Feb. 19th) was to advise and update the Tempe Board members about curriculum issues and questions, prior to the board's normal meeting.
It began with one of the board members, David Schapira, asking the committee whether any members of the governing board requested Planned Parenthood be involved with the…

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Allegheny College Calls Pro-Life Students "Dangerous"

Christine Rousselle | Feb 23, 2014

Allegheny College, a small liberal arts school in Pennsylvania, had an odd reaction to pro-life students who distributed flyers in academic buildings: they issued a campus alert, called…


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MPS Invocation vote

MPS Board's second hearing and possible vote to remove Invocation (prayer) from the regular meeting agenda is set for this Tuesday, 2/25/14.

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Jefferson County Colorado School Board Meeting Shut Down By Unruly Teacher Union

"On February 8, 2014, at a meeting of the Jefferson County, Colorado school board, Superintendent Cindy Stevenson announced her early departure from the district before a room stacked with teacher union protesters. This announcement came mere months after a change in board leadership toward a more reform-minded board composition.

Union members became so unruly, that security ended the meeting early."…


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BFFs--Arizona Education Association and Planned Parenthood

Arizona taxpayers and families, the fight to keep Planned Parenthood out of our schools is just one small battle in the war to take back our schools and country.


The love affair between the Tempe Union High School District and Planned Parenthood is a symptom of the disease.  The Arizona Education Association, the teachers union, has paired up with Planned Parenthood to potentially change the culture in our schools and state forever.


Want to run for office and…


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Columbine PTA Members Joke About Killing Conservative School Board Members


2-20-14 WND

Two leaders of the Jefferson County, Colo., Parent Teacher Association, in the district where 12 students and a teacher were murdered by two seniors at Columbine High School in 1999, have been caught joking about guns and the school board.

A report from WatchdogWire, a project of the The Franklin Center to train…


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"Communiversity" Opens in the Heart of Queen Creek

via email 2-20-14


Tempe, Ariz. – Feb. 20, 2014 – The Communiversity at Queen Creek officially opened its doors to the public today, increasing the number of higher education options available to East Valley residents.


The Communiversity at Queen Creek is a unique civil and educational partnership offering students a variety of academic services and programs in one convenient…


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Reflections on Tempe Union High School Board Sex Ed Study Session on February 19, 2014

Reflections on Tempe Union High School Board Sex Ed Study Session on February 19, 2014:


It is a sad situation in TUHSD.  If the members of the school board spend as much time researching the proposed curriculum as they do thanking and praising the Sex Ed committee, it will be to the students' advantage.


The Sex Ed Committee is prepared to adhere to national standards and Arizona state standards from January 2012.  Why no mention of complying with…


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NY Mayor Pays Back Teachers Union, Moves to Shut Down Charters

2-17-14 Bill Korach

Eva Moscowitz Success Academy Charter School

Eva Moscowitz

Success Academy Charter School

By Bill Korach

New York Mayor Bill De Blasio owes the Teacher’s Unions big time for his election. His down payment will be to shut down New York’s charter schools. Some of…


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An Alleged Case of Textbook Bias So ‘Outrageous’ That One Student Says ‘People Need to Know About It’

UPDATE — 2/18/14: After failing to return multiple requests for comment Monday, USC spokesman Wes Hickman told TheBlaze in a statement Tuesday that the school is “committed to academic freedom and a vigorous public discourse.”

“Our faculty are free to select texts for their courses and our students are encouraged to raise questions, challenge convention and develop their own ideas,” he added.

A university-assigned textbook that appears to suggest…


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School administration looking to save common core and PARCC

This email was sent from Chandler district to several school districts. In turn, the district supervisor who sent it to me, also sent it to a couple hundred other teachers in my district. I clicked on the link and the website is telling teachers to fight to save Common Core at tomorrow's vote. Are we supposed to do this on taxpayer dollars?


---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Gianesello, Meg

Date: Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 11:26 AM

Subject: Arizona… Continue

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February 20, 2014: Vote Yes on SBs 1095, 1121, 1310 & No on SB 1466.

Posted: 2014-02-17 EVNN

Dear Senators Yee, Begay, Bradley, Crandell, Farnsworth, Taylor, Melvin, Murphy, and Ward,

Last year a great deal of damage was done  by this legislature to the general oversight of our unelected Board of Education, Board of Regents, Arizona…

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Sweden's Secret For Success In Education

The Jerusalem Post

Education reforms in Israel: Let’s look at Sweden

Sun, Feb 16, 2014 

It is true that Sweden spends more public money than Israel per pupil; however, Israeli households pay much more than the Swedes.…

President Shimon Peres in school


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Thirty Minutes Tops

The new school year has begun! Kids in Chicago Public Schools are going on year two of the mayor's longer,…


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Student Debt in the News: What It Means for REALTORS®

On February 5, 2014, by Scholastica (Gay) Cororaton, Research Economist

Student loans are one of the fastest rising sources of debt.  Student loans are of increasing concern in light of the regulations pertaining to qualified mortgages that require a consumer to have a debt to income ratio of no more than 43…


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GPS: Rearranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic?

Posted: 2014-02-13


It’s official: Superintendent Jack Keegan and Assistant Superintendent Shane McCord resigned their positions in Gilbert Public Schools.

Dr. Keegan is out the door on March 7, 2014; McCord will stay until his contract ends on June 30, 2014. This signals opportunity for righting the ship that floundered under the Good Old Boys. Any deck chair rearranging will occur during the …


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UNESCO: Building Bigotry in the Minds of Men and Women

January 23rd, 2014 

The United Nations cultural agency has disgraced itself again, deciding at the last minute to postpone an exhibition of the 3,500-year relationship of the Jewish people to the Holy Land. This exhibition, co-sponsored by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, was due to open this past Monday at the Paris headquarters of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). But last week 22 Arab states sent a letter to UNESCO’s secretariat, protesting…


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2-8-14   Arizona Freedom Alliance

[AFA Editor: Excuse the formatting.  This had to be converted from pdf for this page.]

Teen Questionnaire

In order to help you the best we can, we would like you to answer the questions below. we ask all teenagers these questions because we feel these are things that affect your health and…


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