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Among the names i see are Lilly Tram - GPS Governing Board member. And, Susan Morris Keuter, co-chair of the YES on the override last fall. Don't know the other ones.

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Comment by Harry Mathews on August 4, 2013 at 12:19pm

From Westie Connect:

More information about the people on the tea party cartoon. Use it as you wish!

Lily Tram was quoted in the Gilbert Republic on July 24, 2013: “Politics don’t belong here at all. If your mindset is a political agenda, you’re going to see things that way. That’s not our mindset here at GPS. We want to focus on education.”


Debi Skarecki-Hill is a parent who recently posted: “Sad that things have changed so much. I grew up in Gilbert and when we moved to AZ we moved to Gilbert specifically for the schools. Now 2 of my kids are no longer enrolled in District schools and in 1 year we will have no kids in the choice!” When asked questions (spontaneously, we’re sure) Debi explained: “The Principal of our Elementary School knows why we are leaving and that is not because of him or the school but the District. I was not asked to fill out anything nor was it a formal conversation but I believe it was conveyed at the District level.” Debi seems particularly enraged that Julie Smith was elected to the board. A typical comment is, “She has made it very clear that she has no concern for GPS but is selfishly concerned with pushing her narrow-minded, paranoid political agenda!”

Comment by Harry Mathews on August 4, 2013 at 12:21pm

From Westie Connect:

More information about the people on the tea party cartoon. Use it as you wish!

Cathy Youngblood (also known as Cathy Madonna Youngblood) appears to be a member of the clique that opposes Burk, Colvin and Smith at every opportunity. She posts that she is very protective of her online privacy, but you can see her photo here:


The infamous group Parents for a Fair School Board also hosted posts by “Liz Campbell” for a while. “Liz” claims “I taught in the district for 15 years so I speak with first-hand experience. “ It seems that “Liz” disappeared from Facebook shortly after a chilling diatribe about her hatred for three board members, but “she” left quite an online legacy with comments such as:

Much more could be said about the virulent hatred the three hold for administrators but I’ll only say this: Do they not realize that the principal is the heart of his/her school? The school rises and falls on ability, personality, passion, and expertise of its leader. As does a district. It is incredible to watch these three insult and belittle our leadership. It’s hurtful. It harms us all.

In the end Ms. Burk’s last chilling comment in regards to staff compensation: “In the future they will know we mean what we say.” A bit cryptic. A lot counterproductive. A ton egomaniacal. A universe of terrible leadership.

In the end, with this group that’s trying to bring down GPS, or at least, the three board members they don’t like, remember this: By their Likes shall you know them. Unless, of course, they’ve blocked you from seeing their online activity.






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