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Hello, Everyone,

I was unable to get to a computer from early Friday afternoon until tonight! Now, I will be heading home for several days and will not be able to get to one readily, again. I won't be able to keep as close an eye on the legislative activity. . . .

Bills HB2190 & HB2246 are scheduled to be heard in the Senate Education Committee, Thursday, March 19, at 9:00AM. I will Forward a message that gives more details after sending this one.

HB2184, the bill to eviscerate what is left of the superintendent of public instruction's authority, is still not on the Senate Calendar for the Committee of the Whole (COW). That's a good thing! If you would like to check the calendar yourself, go to:
Enter the bill number and Search. Click on "Documents" in the blue field. Scroll down until you see:

Senate - Caucus - March 04, 2015

This is what still shows as of tonight. If it is scheduled, it will say "Senate - COW - XXXXX, 2015." If you find it scheduled, click on HTML or Word, to see the details.

Then, please, get the word-out, for a CALL TO ACTION to contact the senators and ask them to vote NO! on HB2184!

My work on analyzing this bill has been partially productive, but I've been stymied in my latest efforts with the computer problems, and do not know when I'll be able to present my final thoughts on it. I hope others are working on similar analyses of the Constitution and Statutes and are able to present their findings to the legislators as soon as possible! But, not just to the legislators; as soon as someone has a viable analysis and suggestions, it needs to be distributed far-and-wide!

Thanks to Sandi Bartlett, of Bartlett's Bunker, for the photo below from the "Press Conference" last Thursday! There were a few more people who didn't make it into the right side of the photo. We're standing in front of the Liberty Bell replica that stands between our two houses of the legislature.

Thank you All, for working so hard in the interest of all Arizona Children!

For God and Country,
In the Interest of our Children,
Itasca Small

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