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  • ronald charles vrooman

     I'm a member of Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly.. I was contacted by marilyn for an assignment that fits well with you and the folks here.

    Would the Oregon Jural assembly care to take on some research?  We are looking to set into place an education research team and a nutrition research team. The education would be the best possible information for parents and grandparents to teach and educate, building into the system, grade school to college curriculum.   There are many forms and helps, but we need them on paper and structured so it can be taught and passed on for generations.  There is lots to explore and if you choose education, we can list more examples then. 

    The other research team is for alternative nutrition and healing. All types, home remedies, professionals, different forms, etc.  the sky is the limit.  We have a few doctors, some of traditional medicine who have been trained and have changed their view.  We have alternative practitioners and  any modalities.  This is very important for the now generation who are enjoying retirement.

    Please check with your Jural assembly and choose which research you would be interested in. Let me know and we will include you on our Sunday business call and you will then give an update of your research weekly.  

    Questions, just let me know.  Thank you for for your help.
    Marilyn Minnesota 

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  • ronald charles vrooman

    Your work is appreciated. Keep on keepin on. Do not compromise. You know right from wrong.

  • ronald charles vrooman

    thank you