Harry Mathews


Gilbert, AZ

United States

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  • Harry Mathews

    Welcome to the Education Action Network where we take back our country by taking back our schools!

    ~For Liberty~


  • karen gevaert

    This coming Az. Business Leaders on common core, is it worth attending?

  • karen gevaert

    Harry.I lost Julie Smith's e-mail.  Would you mind sending it to me.  I plan to volunteer for her curriculum review.   Thank you,  Karen Gevaert

  • Peggy McClain

    I have two full-time jobs.  One gets me a paycheck.  The other involves trying to take out the three stooges in LD18, educating Tempe citizens about its involvement in Agenda 21, and the darn schools.  I have no kids in school anymore, but I can tell you the results from my kids who went K-12 in Tempe.  Not good--you couldn't pay me enough to put my offspring in a public school right now. 

  • Peggy McClain

    Hi Harry,

    Thanks for coming.  You are very motivational.  Yes, we will need your help--Communist Tempe is not an exaggeration.  Thanks, Peggy