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  • Peggy McClain

    Go to TUHSD website. Click on Governing Board, then on the right side you'll see Public Meetings. Click on that and the Sex Ed meeting is listed.
  • karen gevaert

    Dear Harry:

        On Monday, April 14, 2014 there was a meeting by the Tempe Union High School District Sex Education Curriculum Committee.  The "Shameful" decision by the so-called Sex Education Committee decision,  13 "yes" and One abstain, passed the "Flash" Plan-Parenthood curriculum.  There were two of the members that stood out on their "outrageous" statements why they approved the "Flash" curriculum.  It was just awful.  This decision, I fear, will encourage other school districts to do the same.  This was a very depressing time for all of us that witness this "Tragedy." 

  • karen gevaert

    This Tempe situation is more insidious than we imagine.  This school district was a "target" area by the P.P. people.  I talked to Russell Pearce, and he stated that this particular Board is filled with die-hard "Liberals.  So the whole thing (meetings) was just a  "ruse" to make fools of us.  The decision was already made behind close doors.  So goes Tempe, so goes all the other school districts.