Merrianne Geisdorf


Mesa, AZ

United States

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  • Harry Mathews

    Welcome to the Education Action Committee where we take back our country by taking back our schools! Please feel free to comment or add content.
    ~For Liberty~
    Harry Mathews
  • Kathy E. Bessler

    I'm the one who sat across from you at Village Inn. We also talked outside afterwards. I guess we're co-chairs for Red Mountain Education Committee. Did you notice that we're having Margaret Dugan speak on Thurs. night?Were you there?.
  • Kathy E. Bessler

    Hi Merrianne,
    I'm not sure if Randy knows or not so I guess we ought to clue him in. Don & I ARE going to try to be there tonight. I'll look for you. We have a little more than 2 weeks to get our information together for the 15th. Will you be going? I'm thinking harry will hold another committee meeting before then. Still haven't had the chance to watch that 1 hr. presentation by the Pa. women but hope to do so tomorrow. So much to do, so little time.
    Talk to you later