Merrianne Geisdorf


Mesa, AZ

United States

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  • Harry Mathews

    That's great! I discovered that the video you had a problem with is gone! That is why you couldn't view it but i found another version of it as well as a newer interview with Peg Luksik. Please let me know if you have any more problems.
    ~For Liberty~
  • james hallgren

    Hey girl, now I wish I lived in Mesa, so I could vote for you...I just sent Harry an email, I couldn't find yours; I received the textbooks & all the materials from NCBCPS; boy are they thorough; they even include a 47-page alignment of the content of every curriculum unit with AZ Academic Standards & Accountability Performance Objectives. As many people as possible now need to call or write for the materials package to present to the school boards, so we can get it going in as many high schools as possible; oh, I guess you have the address, I see you already wrote them:
  • Shane Stapley

    Hello Merrianne,

    It would be good to touch base with you on how things are going for you and your campaign for Mesa School Board. I have been to a couple cottage meetings already and to the LD22 meeting where I mentioned to those in MPS to support you and your efforts.

    It'll be good to have our school boards shifted over to conservative values. I'm hopeful this will be accomplish this election cycle in Gilbert. If not, I am convinced that we will see success in 2012. I just hope by then it's not too late. :|