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  • PhD in IB

    Hi TJ!

    Now I'm curious about something - do they distribute a "rules" sheet before the beginning of the meeting? Isn't there a period (at the beginning and/or end of the meeting) for Public Comment where you are allowed to make comment on something that ISN'T on the agenda?

    Thank you for inviting me to participate in this group!

  • shimauma

    they do an instructional video of how to submit stuff for the agenda. They only discuss items on the agenda. I submitted a request in writing at the end of the meeting I went to and I sent them a reminder email today. I will post the link for email addys of the board members to this page and my pages on resistnet and smartgirlpolitics today.

    I'm glad you accepted the invite. I bet your educated input on this board will be valuable. I only just heard about international baccalaurette a couple of years ago when I lived in Minnesota; there was a short spat of trying to get it implemented but I never heard if it passed. I got the gist of it then and was glad to be moving to what I thought was a more conservative state. Silly me....I missed the migration of progressive snow birds that make their home here every year. I just hope I don't blow this and make the myself look stupid. I have a very hard time expressing myself with regards to speaking my mind.
  • Stephanie Pfenninger

    Wow! I had no idea that was going on in Bastrop. I just drove through there over the weekend. That's awesome - Go Bastrop!