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  • LexetLibertas

    LOL! How apropos... I'm a meatpuppet for being opposed to a program(me) that is designed to create MEATPUPPETS!
    What a bunch of globalist fascists. Notability my eye! How 'bout IB is eradicated from the USA after being exposed for the NWO indoctrination program that it is! Wonder if that would be 'notable' enough for them?
  • LexetLibertas

    Ha! I saw that last night... I left a comment for 'Candy' making the same reasonable assumption of gender. I believe it is a musician from Vienna. The 'Do you know who you are' in my comment is in reference to the title of a rather crappy song, presumably by 'Candy'.
    Would that those Wikinuts could be persuaded to include some relevant facts in the IB articles, but I think it's in vain to try and change their world view. I think it more productive to alert Americans, who simply are not aware, of this insidious program infecting our educational system and fight for its' elimination.
    Any plans to get your book published? Great info from Debra Niwa. Has that been posted here?
  • LexetLibertas

    That is funny. I thought the same thing. Being a musician myself, and a huge Led Zeppelin fan, softened my perception of Candy somewhat. And how could one expect an Austrian to have, or even understand, the American perspective? Just look at Ahnold, who's lived here how many years, and still doesn't get it.
    I sure hope the folks in Katy are able to stop turning Wolfe into a NWO indoctrination center!
    Yes I liked your book! It needs to be disseminated to the masses. That's a shame about the the potential law suit. I suppose they could sue, but would never win based on tortious interference. That's ridiculous.
    I don't know Debra, but seems well published on NWO and North American Union. Haven't read these other works yet.
    Happy Easter!